SSE Executive Committee Meeting

October 26, 2012
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM


Present: Altiero, Chen, Engleman, Gilbertson (for Gaver), Heins, Kalka, Koplitz, Mao, Mettu (for Mislove), Oertling, Overstreet, Parker, Robinson, Ruscher, Tasker, Tornqvist, Wee

Absent: McPherson

Strategic Planning

There was further discussion of the SSE Strategic Plan that is due at the end of April. Unit strategic plans from all departments, programs, and centers are due in the dean’s office by December 14.

Preparation for November 2 Board of Advisors Meeting

There was further discussion of the upcoming SSE Board of Advisors meeting. In particular, the activities of each of the Board committees were reviewed. Current Tulane facilitators on these committees are B. Wee (Undergraduate Experience), J. Ruscher (Graduate Studies and Research), A. Oertling (K-12 STEM Education), J. Christie (Technology Transfer), K. Engleman (Development), and T. Schuler (Alumni Relations). It has been suggested that we might want to combine the Development and Alumni Relations committees. Dean Altiero said that he intends to involve the SSE Board of Advisors in the strategic planning process and that the entire Board meeting in April may be focused on the SSE Strategic Plan.

SACS / AAU Initiative

The SACS review of the University last year went exceptionally well. However the group was reminded that the accreditation process is a continuing one and that assessment plans must be submitted annually for each of our academic programs. The deadline for FY12 program assessment plans is November 2.

The AAU has announced an Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative and has requested input from member institutions by December 14. Associate Dean Beth Wee is serving on a committee that is coordinating Tulane’s response.

Facilities / Maintenance / Power

Dean Altiero told the group that he is compiling a list of maintenance / infrastructure issues at the request of the provost. He requested input from everyone by November 15. There was a general discussion that also included issues such as air flow problems, power outages / fluctuations, handicapper access, and responsiveness to complaints.

Graduate Program Issues

Janet Ruscher, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, reported on actions taken at the most recent meeting of the SSE Graduate Studies Committee. She then lead discussions on career services for graduate students.

Undergraduate Program Issues

Beth Wee, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, outlined upcoming events involving SSE undergraduate students and encouraged faculty involvement. She then lead a discussion on the second tier service learning requirement and outlined a STEM internship program that satisfies that requirement.

Finance / Personnel Issues

Sandy Parker, Assistant Dean for Finance and Personnel, said that the semi-annual effort reporting has now been completed. She asked that any department planning on hiring adjunct faculty for the spring let her know as soon as possible.

K-12 STEM Outreach Issues

Annette Oertling, Assistant Dean for K-12 STEM Education Outreach, announced that Core Element is planning on moving their offices into Tulane’s 1555 Poydras building with the Cowen Institute and other K-12 education programs. She then lead a discussion on the Next Generation Science Standards being developed for K-12 schools. These core standards are being developed at the national level and each state will then determine which elements to incorporate.

Development Issues

Senior Director of Development Kat Engleman said that Tulane is planning to establish an “alumni reunion weekend” to be held each spring. The American Chemical Society (ACS) will be holding its annual meeting in New Orleans in April and we plan to organize a reception similar to what was recently done for the meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

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