SSE Executive Committee Meeting

September 28, 2012
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM


Present: Altiero, Chen, Engleman, Gaver, Darwin (for Heins), Kalka, Koplitz, Kaplan (for Mao), McPherson, Mislove, Oertling, Parker, Robinson, Ruscher, Tasker, Tornqvist, Wee

Absent: Overstreet

Guests: McKee, Kilbane

Preparation for October 3 Faculty Meeting

The group discussed the proposed agenda for the first SSE faculty meeting of the academic year, scheduled for October 3. The agenda will include recognition of new and promoted faculty, approval of the voting faculty list for the academic year, election of a representative to the FTFR committee of the University Senate, an update on the status of the SSE by Dean Altiero, a first reading of proposed changes to the SSE Constitution and Promotion/Tenure Guidelines involving the Professor of Practice position, and an update on strategic planning. Additionally Erika Woodley from the Office of Student Affairs has asked for 15 minutes to brief the faculty on new student resources and support services.

Preparation for November 2 Board of Advisors Meeting

The group discussed the proposed agenda for the SSE Board of Advisors meeting, scheduled for November 2. Dean Altiero also reminded the group about associated activities such as the Board reception and donor recognition event on November 1, the President’s Leadership Luncheon on November 2, and the homecoming hospitality tent and football game suite on November 3.

Strategic Planning

There was a lengthy discussion on the strategic planning process. Dean Altiero distributed a number of documents that had been discussed at a recent meeting of the Tulane Academic Deans’ Council, including Strategic Planning Timeline, University Mission Statement, and Academic Themes. The group then discussed the process for development of the SSE Strategic Plan including the following important dates: unit strategic plans due to the dean on December 14, draft SSE plan to be distributed to units by February 1, discussion at Executive Committee meeting on March 1, presentation to SSE Board of Advisors on April 12, submission to Provost Bernstein by April 30. The group then went over the format to be used for unit strategic plans including detailed information that must be included in each section. Unit strategic plans are expected from all SSE departments, programs, and centers.

Graduate Program Issues

Janet Ruscher, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, addressed the following topics: the ETS service, partnership in “Brazil without Borders” program, graduate recruitment funds available from the Office of the Provost, reports that can be generated using “Apply Yourself” software, graduate exit surveys, and the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the SSE Graduate Studies Committee. She asked that departments submit stories about students on graduate fellowships that can be used in promotional materials.

Undergraduate Program Issues

Beth Wee, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, addressed the following topics: actions taken at the most recent meeting of the SSE Curriculum Committee, upcoming events focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, SSE involvement in the Study Abroad program, an upcoming seminar on the future of nuclear power, and use of the Early Alert system to report on students in distress.

Finance / Personnel Issues

Sandy Parker, Assistant Dean for Finance and Personnel, reminded the group that it is now time for faculty members to be submitting Fall Semester effort reports.

K-12 STEM Outreach Issues

Annette Oertling, Assistant Dean for K-12 STEM Education Outreach, introduced Linda McKee, Director of the Teacher Certification Program, and James Kilbane, a faculty member in the Teacher Certification Program. Dr. Kilbane gave an overview of the proposed “Partners in Science and Engineering Outreach” program. Dr. Oertling also addressed the following topics: an update on the Tulane Science Scholars Program, the Perry Initiative activity scheduled for October 6, and the “Girls in STEM” program. She asked for more faculty and student volunteers for the upcoming FIRST LEGO League competition and the upcoming Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair.

Development Issues

Senior Director of Development Kat Engleman asked that Department Chairs assist in assuring that we have accurate alumni contact information as we prepare for a major Capital Campaign.

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