SSE Undergraduate Committee

November 2, 2009

Attending: B.Wee (SSE Dean’s, Neuroscience), D. Rice (BME), M. Sulkes (CHEM), J. Prindle (CENG), N. Hopkins (CMB), S. Darwin (EEB), G. Flowers (EENS), M. Kalka (MATH), Z. Mao (PHYS), T.Herbert (PSYC), M. Ryan (SSE Dean’s)

Guests: D. Gessler (AAC), C. Pizer (AAC & Newcomb Tulane).

Approval of Minutes:

The meeting minutes from the Sept 21 meeting were approved via E-mail. After a review of the meeting minutes approval process, S. Darwin motioned for all meeting minutes to be approved via e-mail, G. Flowers agreed. The policy passed without objection.

Courses Approved by B. Wee and J. Prindle:

MCEN/SCEN 403 – Team Design I: Approved for discontinuation.

SCEN/BMEN 301/701 – Physical Dimensions of Aging: Approved for cross listing as NSCI 301/701

ENGP 312 - Materials Science and Engineering: Approved for cross listing as BMEN/CENG 312 The committee had no objections with the approved courses.

New Courses:

COSC 310/610 – Data Visualization: The course was approved.

MATH 316 – Advanced Perspectives In Elementary Mathematics: The course was approved.

Proposed Minors:

Minor in Environmental Biology: The minor was approved.

Minor in Environmental Science: The minor was approved.

NOTE: The minor will need to be approved by the full SSE Faculty at their December meeting.

Old Business:

Banner: D. Gessler led the discussion of Banner’s use for spring 2010 registration and other capabilities.

Writing Intensive: As an attempt to avoid petitions and professors losing track of their students, B. Wee suggested that all departments use the writing practicum that some departments already have. This writing practicum could be a 0 or 1 credit course. N. Hopkins said that School of Liberal Arts offers course numbered 288, 388 and 488 labeled “Writing Practicum” to serve this purpose. D.Rice proposed that B. Wee check with the registrar to find out how to offer a SSE writing practicum for all SSE depts. and to put this on next meeting’s agenda under “old business”

N.B.: B.Wee checked with Charlotte Hill in the registrar’s office. C. Hill said the writing practicum could be used, but it would have to be approved by other schools, as their students may also fulfill their writing intensive requirement through SSE courses.

Currently offered SSE Writing Intensive Courses

All honor’s theses
BMEN 490, 491
CELL 426
CENG 324
EBIO 619
MATH 398, 399

Meeting Adjourned: November 2, 2009 at 12 noon

Minutes respectfully submitted by Maura Ryan

School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764