SSE Undergraduate Committee Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2009

Attending: B. Wee, G. Flowers, J. Ruscher for T. Hebert, J. Prindle, J. Shakov, D. Kim, C. Burdsal, E. Keith, D. Rice Guests: D. Gessler, C. Pizer

Approval of Minutes:

The meeting opened with a reminder from B. Wee regarding the minute approval process and a vote to approve the minutes from 02/17/2009 meeting. The 02/17/2009 meeting minutes were approved.

Old Business:

C. Burdsal reported that the NTC faculty suggested that Engineering Physics be a BSE degree and that the full SSE faculty would vote the following week on that recommendation. NB: The SSE faculty did approve the recommendation and the catalog would be updated to reflect this information for 09-10.

Course Changes and Approvals:

BMEN 303- change course title and description to “Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers”- new course under an old number- approved

BMEN 313- change course title and description to “Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers Lab”- new course under an old number- approved

SCEN 304/704- change course title and description to “Anatomy and Physiology II”- approved

SCEN 314/714- change course title and description to “Anatomy and Physiology II Lab”-

BMEN 304/704- discontinued

BMEN 314/714- discontinued

N.B.: Previous two-semester BMEN anatomy and physiology sequence is being replaced by an intensive single-semester A&P course for engineers (BMEN 303/313) and two-semester A&P sequence will be re-designated as SCEN

PSYC 373- discontinued PSYC 371- discontinued

EENS 340- changed from 4 credits to 3- approved

EENS 130- Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet- new course- approved EENS 131- Environmental Science Lab- new course- approved

Could this class possibly be part of EBIO degree? - Take up this issue in fall

EDUC 390- Capstone for BA Psychology- Early Childhood Education- approved, sent to NTC

Core Curriculum Committee for approval because it is not a course within our school

New Business:

Proposal for Changes in Environmental Science major George Flowers presented changes for the Environmental Science Major. All of the changes were approved except for one about the math requirement. George made the revisions that resolved this issue, and the changes were approved by a subsequent email vote of the SSE Undergrad Committee.

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