Tulane University School of Science and Engineering


Committee membership: Carol Burdsal (Associate Dean, ex officio), Steven Darwin (EBIO), David Rice (BMEN), David Mullin (CELL), John Prindle (CENG), Mark Sulkes (CHEM), Nancye Dawers (EENS), Victor Moll (MATH), Zhiqiang Mao (PHYS), Terry Christenson (PSYC), Gary Dohanich (NSCI, non-voting).

Since its last report to the SSE Faculty (November 2006), the committee met twice. Committee business is still largely concerned with undergraduate curriculum, but this burden should lessen as procedures are established for dealing with routine
curriculum matters.

At its March 29, 2007 meeting, the committee endorsed a proposal for a new Engineering Physics program, which was subsequently approved by the SSE Faculty. The committee also gave advice on other proposals, such as an Experimental Math course, and a Chemical Engineering Co-Op program, as well as ideas for capstone courses. Procedures for submission of new course proposals were put in place.

At its October 10, 2007 meeting, the committee approved the following new courses on behalf of the SSE Faculty and sent them to the Registrar for listing:

BMEN 202Computing Concepts and Applications (4)

CELL 424/624 Seminar in Morbidity and Mortality (3)

CELL 431 Cellular Neuroscience Laboratory (3)

EBIO 233 Natural History of Louisiana (3)

EBIO 334 Mammalian Anatomy and Histology Laboratory (1)

EENS 636 Environmental Geochemistry (3)

EENS 480/680 Air Pollution Fundamentals and Modeling (3)

EENS 370 Infrastructure of Sustainable Urban Environments (3)

MATH 425/625 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Security (3)

NSCI 691 Neuroscience Capstone (3)

PSYC [number tba] Sensation and Perception (3)

PSYC [number tba] Sensation and Perception Laboratory (1)

PSYC/NSCI 663 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (3) PHYS 370/670 Electronic Properties of Materials (3)

The following course changes (renaming, renumbering, or discontinuance) were approved on behalf of the SSE Faculty and sent to the Registrar for listing:

EENS 397 to EENS 380 Environmental Analysis Lab

EENS 211 Earth Materials to Mineralogy

EENS 112 Historical Geology to Earth History

EENS 114 Historical Geology Laboratory to Earth History Laboratory

EENS 628 Coastal Strata Formation - Discontinue

EENS 616 Fluvial Responses and Allogenic Controls - Discontinue

The committee established procedures for listing courses as fulfilling the Newcomb-Tulane College laboratory science requirement. Lab courses would not be automatically approved as fulfilling this requrement: SSE faculty are reminded that the course proposal form has a place to indicate if a proposed course would satisfy any of the T-N College requirements; if not so indicated, the course will not satisfy.

A new "Undergraduate Scholars Program" in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology was discussed. The program will name a few undergraduate majors as "Fellows" in the department and pay them a small honorarium for service in introductory laboratories as teaching assistants and peer tutors.

The Committee, by email ballot, elected David Rice as Chair for a one-year term.

The following proposals were endorsed by the committee and are here presented as motions:

MOTION 1: To approve a new minor program in Marine Biology, proposed by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
MOTION 2: To approve changes to requirements for the Coordinate Major Psychology-Early Childhood Education (Department of Psychology), specifically that the program revert to offering a B.A. degree instead of the B.S. degree now offered.

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