Undergraduate Committee of the School of Science and Engineering

Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2008

Attending: Members: Carol Burdsal, George Flowers, Thomas Hebert, Zhiqiang Mao, John Prindle, Dave Rice, Mark Sulkes, Beth Wee Alternates: Morris Kalka for John Liukkonen Guests: Dayna Gessler (advising), Carol Pizer (advising), Elizabeth Keith (SSE Staff)


Adoption of the Agenda

Appointment of E. Keith as secretary

Minutes of April meeting were approved.

Election of the committee chair

  • Dr. Rice described the duties of the chair
  • It was noted that we needed to amend the constitution to include departments and programs
  • POPs are able to serve
  • Dr. Wee of Neuroscience was nominated and that nomination was seconded.
  • Dr. Beth Wee was elected and will serve as chair of the Undergraduate Studies committee for AY

09-10 Course Approval: The following new courses were approved.

  • CHEM 189
  • EBIO 423, 426, 493
  • PSYC 346, 445
  • SCEN/BMEN 301/701
  • BMEN 490 &491 are classified as writing intensive
  • CENG 302
  • Course name change for PSYC/NSCI 656

Minutes and Approval

The ideal process for minutes approval will be: a draft provided within 10 days; members will have one week to offer corrections; the minutes become official after 17 days and are posted on the website.

Meeting frequency and timing

Meeting need to occur not later than mid-October for the Fall and Spring meetings should be held before Mardi Gras and after Spring Break (late March, early April), but before the second spring SSE faculty meeting.

Carol Pizer and Dayna Gessler from the Advising Center will be permanent guests of the Committee.

Capstone Courses

Departments and programs are unsure where their courses are in the approval process once they are sent to NTC, we need a mechanism for notification of the departments when a Capstone is approved. Dr. Burdsal will check into this and should be cc’d on all NTC correspondence.

Meeting Adjourned.

School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764