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Philanthropy provides students and faculty opportunities for learning and discovery in science and engineering by supporting an environment that is student focused, research intensive, transdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, and responsive to the needs of the community. Donations have supported the annual fund, specific departments or initiatives, created named endowments, or the Dean's fund. Each and every contribution is vital to advancing science and engineering at Tulane!

SSE faculty and students are active researchers where scientist and engineers work together on thematic challenges of mutual concern and where students, regardless of their major, have the opportunity to become familiar with concepts and methods of both science and engineering. In order for SSE to address the pressing challenges of energy, health, the environment at every level of academia and our local community, there are opportunities to engage and support. To continue making an impact, we must continue to attract and retain the best faculty and students. Also, in order for our local community to thrive, we believe it is important to support K-12 STEM education.

Major philanthropic gifts allow you to support the aspirations of students, attract stellar new faculty, initiate groundbreaking new programs, or transform facilities. While we feel it is important to share these funding priorities with you, please understand that every contribution is vital to SSE addressing these challenges.

For more information about these priorities or the many other giving opportunities, please contact Anne Fuselier at

The Steven And Jann Paul Hall For Science And Engineering

$40,000,000 ($10,000,000 RAISED)

Physical space can foster an environment of creative discovery and enhance learning. The Steven and Jann Paul Hall for Science and Engineering will mark a new era of research and education at Tulane University, enabling us to compete with our peers for the best and brightest students and faculty. Modern research facilities will spur faculty and student collaboration, and flexible meeting spaces will provide students critical access to mentorship and faculty guidance. The only lecture hall on campus presently large enough to accommodate science and engineering students is in the Richardson Building, and dates back to 1894. Building a new facility will allow us to leap ahead, giving students access to the latest in educational technology, including media stations, projectors, document cameras, and other instructional technology. Now is the time to arm our students and faculty with the resources and infrastructure that foster partnerships and enable discovery.

Naming Opportunity: Computer Science


Tulane's Department of Computer Science educates students about enabling technology that permeates and advances virtually all areas of 21st century life. You have an opportunity to dramatically celebrate and support the innovative model and extraordinary impact of the re-imagined Department of Computer Science. An endowed fund of this size would support multiple graduate fellowships, allow for rapid faculty hiring, and capture the attention of academic and industry leaders.

Enhancing The Physical Engineering Programs


Established in 2007, the Physics and Engineering Physics (PEP) Department is a unique synergy of applied physical science and engineering in a single department that produces excellent students trained to support the technology-based economic development of the greater New Orleans and Gulf South region. Engineering at Tulane has seen a surge in growth and interest in recent years. With your support, Tulane will be on a clear path towards significantly enhanced engineering programs, including degree programs in mechanical, electrical and materials engineering.

Advancing River-Coastal Science And Engineering


The Tulane University School of Science and Engineering has created a first-of-its-kind academic department dedicated to research and education in river-coastal issues. Unique in its focus on the world's river, deltaic and coastal systems, this new department uses a combined science and engineering approach. Your support will help a new breed of scientists, engineers, planners and decision-makers use a holistic approach to gain an understanding of our river and coastal systems as a natural resource and critical economic engine.

Research Across Boundaries Program


As Tulane students focus on finding solutions to a wide range of real-world problems, Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowships enable graduate students to pursue research across boundaries, empowering them to explore new fields of study and problem-solve across disciplines. This framework for collaboration creates intellectual pioneers who bridge fields, advance research and improve human lives.

Naming Opportunity: Center For Technology Commercialization


To truly make a difference in the lives of our students and create an impact on the world, we must generate innovation more constructively, efficiently and effectively. We must expand our innovation footprint to bring together alumni, students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and investors who can work together on problem solving. The Center for Technology Commercialization at Tulane University would coordinate the important work we are currently doing in technology innovation and expand our framework to impact more students and faculty while bringing their ideas to the marketplace. Housed within the School of Science and Engineering, the Center for Technology Commercialization would be a home for anyone on Tulane's campus to make advanced technological ideas a reality.

Visionary Research Fund


The Visionary Research Fund offers opportunities for donors to empower the school's leadership. As an unrestricted research endowment, this fund will help ensure that our scientists can continue to make contributions that shape the future. Designed to stimulate high-risk, high-impact research, this fund will support projects with compelling vision and strategies for transformative discovery by providing:

  1. matching funds for grant proposals, making those proposals more competitive
  2. seed money for new interdisciplinary initiatives
  3. resources to maintain and enhance SSE research infrastructure
  4. bridge funding to allow important research projects to overcome gaps in funding

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