Directions for Completion of Degree Requirements and Submission of Masters Thesis

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  1. Complete and submit the Application for Degree to the Dean’s Office by the appropriate semester deadline.
  2. Summer: June 15

    Fall: October 1

    Spring: February 1

  3. Complete thesis as per program requirements and Guidelines for Thesis and Dissertation Preparation. Please note: the Graduate Programs office is happy to review electronic copies of your thesis at any stage and answer any questions you may have about formatting.
  4. Set thesis defense date with committee.  Upon successful defense, complete and have your committee sign the Oral Defense Approval Form. Turn this form into the Dean’s Office immediately following the thesis defense.
  5. Complete any corrections to the thesis as required by your committee.
  6. Submit one copy of the thesis on 100% cotton paper with original signed cover sheet to the Graduate Programs Office.  This copy will be bound at no cost to the student and will be the copy of record in the Tulane Library system.
  7. Submit an electronic copy of your thesis to ProQuest for official publication. This is REQUIRED.Students will pay ProQuest directly for copyrighting, if desired.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadlines for receipt of the thesis by the Dean’s Office are: Summer and Fall- the last day of official classes for the semester; Spring- April 15, unless otherwise arranged with the Dean’s Office.

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