Courses: New Prob/Stat Courses for SSE Students

Beginning Fall 08, Math 301/601 will no longer exist. In its place there will be two entry level probability and statistics options which count for the BS in SSE.

Math 1230 Statistics for Scientists

Prerequisite for Math 1230: Math 1210 or equivalent.
Statistics for Scientists is a quick trip through many statistical methods in one semester. It covers statistical inference for one and two populations, an introduction to linear regression, and several other statistical issues. It focuses on methodology rather than foundations. It does not count toward math major.

Math 3070/3080

Prerequisite for Math 3070: Math 2210 or equivalent.
Prerequisites for Math 3080: Math 2210 and Math 3070 or equivalents.
Math 3070/3080 is a two semester sequence. Math 3070 (offered in the fall) is a stand alone course in probability that will serve as a basis for further study in probability, and also as fundamental background for Math 3080. Math 3080 (offered in the spring) is a serious introduction to statistics, including much foundational material and a number of statistical topics. It is essential for further courses in statistics. Both these courses count toward the math major.

Math 1110 and Math 1140

Note: These courses do not count for the BS.

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