Reserve Books

Fall 2016 Semester

4300/6300 Complex Analysis:

Complex Analysis third edition / Lars V. Ahlfors

Function Theory of One Complex Variables second edition / Robert E. Grenne

The Theory of Functions second edition / E.C. Titchmarch

Functions of One Complex Variable / John Conway

6030/7030 Stochastic Processes:

Markov Chains /J.R. Norris


7110 Algebra I:

Abstract Algebra thirst edition / David S. Dummit


7150 Probability Theory I:

Probability second edition / A.N. Shiryaev

A Probability Path / Sidney I. Resnick

7291 Algebraic Geometry I:

Algebraic Geometry / Robin Hartshorne

7530 Partial Differential Equations:

Partial Differential Equations / Lawrence C. Evans

7770 Topics in Probability and Statistics: 

The Elements of Statistical Learning: data mining, inference, and prediction / Trevor Hastie


Algebra: Chapter 0 / Paolo Aluffi


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