New Books

March 20th, 2017

Analysis in Banach Spaces - Volume I: Martingales and Littlewood-Paley Theory / Tuomas Hytonen - CV (con) B499a

4-Manifolds / Selman Akbulut - Top A313m

Holder Continuous Euler Flows in Three Dimensions with Compact Support in Time / Philip Isett - DE I78hz

Non-Homogeneous Random Walks: Lyapunov Function Methods for Near-Critical Stochastic Systems / Mikhail Menshikov - Prob M548N

Coherence in Three-Dimensional Category Theory / Nick Gurski - Alg G981c

Manifolds and K-Theory / editor Gregory Arone - Top (con) A769m

Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables / editor Shiferaw Berhanu - An H999a

New Journal Issues

Annals of mathematics. v.185:no.2 (2017)

Asymptotic analysis. v.101:no.1,2 (2017)

Dissertationes mathematicae. v.519 & 520

ESAIM: mathematical modeling and numerical analysis. v.51:no.1 (2017)

Fibonacci quarterly. v.55:no.1 (2017)

IMS Bulletin. v.46:no.2 (2017)

International journal of bifurcation and chaos. v.26:no.14 (2016)

International journal of mathematics. v.27:no.14 (2016)

Journal of algebraic geometry. v.26:no.2 (2017)

Journal of knot theory and its ramifications. v.26:no.1 (2017)

Journal of partial differential equations. v.29:no.4 (2016)

Mathematical research letters. v.23:no.6 (2016)

Moscow mathematical journal. v.16:no.4 (2016)

Notices of the American mathematical society. v.64:no.3 (2017)

Rendiconti del seminario matematico della universita di padova. v.136 (2016)

Technometrics. v.59:no.1 (2017)

Theory of probability and mathematical statistics. no.93 (2016)

Tokyo journal of mathematics. v.39:no.2 (2016)

* Additional New Titles from the past 1 to 2 weeks are shelved underneath the New Book section. These particular books, even though considered new, are available for check-out.

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