New Books

July 25th,  2016

CV (con) A277c VI
Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems VI Part 2: Compplex Analysis, Quasiconformal Mappins, Complex Dynamics

Alg G O528a
Algebraic Spaces and Stacks / Martin Olsson

An (con) A244a
Advances in Non-Archimedean Analysis

Comb L384t 2016
Topics in Graph Automorphisms and Reconstruction second edition / Josef Lauri

Alg K192r
Regular and Irregular Holonomic D-Modules / Masaki Kashiwara

DE T134a 2016
Analytic Semigroups and Semilinear Initial Boundary Value Problems second edition / Kazuaki Taira

Stat G974g
Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 18

Comb D646r
Ramsey Theory for Product Spaces / Pandelis Dodos

SpF (con) A394a
Algebraic and Analytic Aspects of Integrable Systems and Painleve Equations

An I269f
Fourier Restriction for Hypersurfaces in Three Dimensions and Newton Polyhedra / Isroil A. Ikromov

New Journal Issues

American mathematical monthly. April 2016

Amstat news. July 2016

Annales de l'ISUP. Vol.60 #1-2, 2016

Annali della scoula normale. Vol.16 #2, 2016

Annals of the institute of statistical mathematics. August 2016

Archiv der mathematik. July 2016

Canadian journal of mathematics. August 2016

Commentarii mathematici helvetici. Vol.91 #2, 2016

Commentationes mathematicae universitatis carolinae. 2016

Communications in analysis and geometry. January 2016

Comptes rendus mathematiques. June 2016

Elemente der mathematik. Vol. 71 #2, 2016

International journal of bifurcation and chaos. May 2016

Journal of applied probability. June 2016

Journal of the American statistical association. March 2016

Mathematical research letters. Vol.23 #2, 2016

Michigan mathematical journal. Vol.65, 2016

Proceedings of the Japan academy. March & April 2016

Roman journal of pure and applied mathematics. Vol.61 #2, 2016

Surveys in differential geometry. 2016

* Additional New Titles from the past 1 to 2 weeks are shelved underneath the New Book section. These particular books, even though considered new, are available for check-out.

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