New Books

September 13, 2017

The Algebraic and Geometric Theory of Quadratic Forms/ Elman, Richard

Asymptotic Differential Algebra and Model Theory of Trannseries /Aschenbrenner, Matthias

Berkeley Problems in Mathematics/ de Souza, Paulo Ney

Convexity and Concentration/ Carlen, Eric

Foundations of Arithmetic Differential Geometry/ Buium, Alexandru

Fourier Integrals in Classical Analysis/ Sogge, Christopher D. 

Graph Theory, Fifth Edition/ Diestel, Reinhard

Homotopy of Operads and Grothendieck--Teichmuller Groups Part 2: The Applications of (Rational) Homotopy Theory Methods/ Fresse, Benoit

Introduction to Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems and the N-Body Problem/ Meyer, Kenneth

Modeling and Inverse Problems in the Presence of Uncertainty/ Banks, H.T.

Motives and Algebraic Cycles: A Celebration in Honor of Spencer J. Bloch/ de Jeu, Rob

A Study in Derived Algebraic Geometry. Volume 1:  Correspondences and Duality/ Gaitsgory, Dennis

Surveys on Recent Developments in Algebraic Geometry/ Coskun, Izzet

New Journal Issues

Amsatnews. #480

Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata. v.196:no.4 (2017)

Annals of Applied Probability. v.27:no.2 (2017)

Asymptotic Analysis. v.103:no.4 (2017)

Bernoulli. v.24:no.1 (February 2018)

International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos. v.27:no.6 (2017)

Journal of Algebraic Geometry. v.26:no.3 (2017)

Pacific Journal of Mathematics. v.289:no.2 (2017)

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. v.145:no.9 (2017)

Significance. v.14:no.3 (2017)

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. v.369:no.9 (2017)

* Additional New Titles from the past 1 to 2 weeks are shelved underneath the New Book section. These particular books, even though considered new, are available for check-out.

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