Ryan works on electrophysiology rig sitting  DSCN5785

How to Declare the Major

  1. Go to the Brain Institute, 200 Flower Hall and request a major advisor assignment and pick up major advising documents.
  2. Contact your newly assigned major advisor via email to set up an advising appointment.
  3. Meet with your neuroscience advisor to discuss your plan for completing the major. During this meeting, you and your advisor should discuss the requirements for the major, the availability of courses (e.g., some courses are only taught during specific semesters, some courses have specific pre-requisites, etc.), and your plans for postgraduate study and your career. Your advisor should sign the completed course audit form and the major declaration form.
  4. The signed course audit and the major declaration forms should be taken to Sarah in the Neuroscience office, 200 Flower Hall.  We will sign the major declaration form, and copies of both the declaration form and your course audit will be added to a file created especially for you!  We also will take your photo to add to our Neuroscience photo database (this is a private database and cannot be accessed by anyone outside the Neuroscience office).
  5. Turn in the major declaration form (signed by both your neuroscience advisor and the neuroscience office) to your Newcomb-Tulane advisor.
  6. Stay in contact with your neuroscience advisor, meeting him/her at least once per year to help insure the success of your program of study.

Helpful Hints

  • Read the information from the neuroscience major web page carefully.
  • You can print out a course audit form directly from the web page to bring to your advisor.
  • The major declaration form is available at the Undergraduate Advising Center.
  • If you have any questions about this process, please contact Sarah Podesta,

200 Flower Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118, 504-862-3305