Study Abroad

A student who plans to study abroad for a semester or year should identify possible neuroscience courses in their study abroad programs. After these courses have been identified, the student should arrange a meeting with the neuroscience major director Dr. Beth Wee, to confirm that the courses are eligible to be transferred into the neuroscience major. Please make sure to have a detailed course description, and, ideally, a syllabus, for this meeting.

All of these course approvals should be done BEFORE the student leaves for the semester abroad. Students are advised to keep copies of Dr. Wee's email stating that the course has been approved, and also a syllabus from each course taken abroad to verify the course's content. Students also should get pre-approval for courses taken to fulfill other non-neuroscience requirements by contacting the appropriate Tulane departments.

After the student returns from abroad and has completed the previously approved course, the student and Dr. Wee will fill out a Course Equivalency Form and Degree Audit Substitution forms, to be processed and approved by Academic Advising and the Registrar.

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