Summer Research Program: Non-Tulane Applicants

Student Eligibility

This program is aimed at students who intend to pursue future training and careers in research at the Ph.D. level. Eligible students should have completed their sophomore or junior years at an accredited college or university, and have a background in the sciences, with particular interest and emphasis in neuroscience.  Due to the small structure of the program, spaces are limited.   

Interested students can find the application here.

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Program Benefits

Students accepted to the program will receive stipends of $3,000 (stipend does not include room, board or travel expenses).  Housing is available on-campus, however students may choose to sublet an apartment near campus (many sublet options available).

Program Features

The 2013 program runs from June 3 to August 2. Students will participate in weekly meetings during which 2-3 students will give 15 minute presentations on their summer research.  The program will culminate in a final poster session in which each student creates a poster based on their research.  All Neuroscience faculty members, graduate students and the public are welcome to attend.

Deadline to Apply

March 15, 2013

Tulane Faculty Advisors taking summer research students

Stacy Drury, MD, PhD

Ben Hall, PhD

Andrew MacLean, PhD

Ricardo Mostany, PhD

Laura Schrader, PhD

Jeff Tasker, PhD

Nandini Vasudevan, PhD

James Zadina, PhD

200 Flower Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118, 504-862-3305