Andrew A. Lackner, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Colorado State University DVM, 1984; University of California, Davis, PhD, 1988 Professor of Microbiology & Immunology and Pathology and Director, Tulane National Primate Research Center


Research Interests

Neurovirology, Neuroimmunology and Neuropathology with a focus on nonhuman primate models of human disease such as AIDS.

Representative Publications

Vinet-Oliphant H, Alvarez X, Buza E, Borda J, Mohan M, Aye PP, Tuluc F, Douglas SD, Lackner AA. Neurokinin-1 Receptor (NK1-R) Expression in the Brains of SIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques: Implications for Substance P in NK1-R Immune Cell Trafficking into the CNS. Am J Pathol. 2010; 177:1286-1297.

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Ivey NS, Renner NA, Moroney-Rasmussen T, Mohan M, Redmann RK, Didier PJ, Alvarez X, Lackner AA, MacLean AG: Association of FAK activation with lentivrus-iduced disruption of blood-brain barrier tight junciton-associated ZO-1protein organization, J Neurovirol 2009, 15:312-323. (PMC2896435)

Ryzhova E, Aye P, Harvey T, Cao W, Lackner A, Gonzalez-Scarano F: Intrathecal humoral responses are inversely associated with the frequency of SIV M-tropic variants in the CNS, J Virol 2009, 83:8282-8288 (PMC2715750)

Ivey NS, MacLean AG, Lackner AA. AIDS and the blood-brain barrier. J Neurovirol. 2009, 15:111-122 (PMC2744422)

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Borda JT, Alvarez X, Mohan M, Hasegawa A, Bernandino A, Jean S, Aye P, Lackner AA: CD163, a marker of perivascular macrophages is upregulated by microglia in SIV encephalitis after haptoglobin-hemoglobin complex stimulation and is suggestive of breakdown of the blood brain barrier, Am J Pathol 2008, 172:725-737

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