Beth E. F. Wee, Ph.D.Dr

Director of Master's and Undergraduate Neuroscience Programs and adjunct professor in Psychology; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; and Cell and Molecular Biology

Website: Dr. Beth Wee's Home Page

Dr. Wee is interested in biological rhythms, reproductive behavior, and neuroendocrinology. She teaches NSCI 3300 (Brain and Behavior), NSCI/PSYC 4060/6060 (Behavioral Endocrinology Lecture/Laboratory) and coordinates service learning courses.



Michigan State University, Zoology & Neuroscience, Ph.D., 1986

Iowa State University, Zoology, M.S., 1982.

Northwestern University, Neurobiology & Physiology, Postdoctoral training

Tulane University, Neuroscience, Postdoctoral training

Selected Publications

Wee, B. E. F. and Dohanich, G. P. 2010. Creativity and risk taking in behavioral endocrinology. Hormones and Behavior 57:379-380.

Mader, S. S. and  Wee, B. E. F. 2001 (1st edition), 2003 (2nd edition), 2004 (3rd edition) Customized Biology Laboratory Manual. McGraw Hill Primis Custom Publishing. N.Y.

Wee, B. E. F. 2000. Biological Rhythms and Sleep. In : Motivation: A Biosocial and Cognitive Integration of Motivation and Emotion  by E. D. Ferguson. Oxford University Press. N.Y.

Hurley, D. L., Wee, B. E. F., and Phelps, C. J. 1998. Growth hormone releasing hormone expression during postnatal development in growth hormone-deficient Ames dwarf mice: mRNA in situ hybridization. Neuroendocrinology 68:201-9.

Wee, B. E. F., Francis, T. J., Lee, C. Y., Lee, J. M., and Dohanich, G. P., 1995. Mate preference and avoidance in female rats following treatment with scopolamine. Physiol. Behav. 58 : 97-100.

Lawson, N. O., Wee, B. E. F., Blask, D. E., Castles, C. G., Spriggs, L. L., and Hill, S. M. 1992. Melatonin decreases estrogen receptor expression in the medial preoptic area of inbred (LSH/SsLak) golden hamsters. Biology of Reproduction 47:1082-1090.

Wee, B. E. F. and Turek, F. W. 1989. Midazolam, a short-acting benzodiazepine, resets the circadian clock of the hamster. Pharmacol. Biochem. and Behav. 32:901-906.

Wee, B. E. F. and Clemens, L. G. 1989. Environmental influences on masculine sexual behavior in mice. Physiol. Behav. 46:867-872.

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