Cedric Walker, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Chairman of Engineering Science Program


Research Interests

Duke University, Biomedical Engineering, 1978.

Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chariman of Engineering Science. Neural prostheses, design of implantable electrodes, instrumentation.

Representative Publications

DiLorenzo, D.J., C.F.Walker, and R. Davis (editors): "Neuroengineering" section IV in Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals, part 1 of the Biomedical Engineering Handbook, overall editor Joseph D. Bronzino. 2006, CRC Taylor & Francis.

Mullenax, C.A., Walker, C.F., and Newsome, D.A. "An Electrophoretic Method to Deliver Topical Drugs to the Eye" BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION AND TECHNOLOGY 37(6):423-432, 2003.

Clejan, S., Ide, C., Walker, C., Wolf, E., Corb, M., and Beckman, B. Electromagnetic field induced changes in lipid second messengers. J. Lipid Mediators Cell Signal. 13:301-324, 1996.

Sikka, S.C., Wang, R., Kukuy, E., Walker, C.F., and Hellstrom, W.J.G. The detrimental effects of electric current on normal human sperm. J. Androl. 15:145-150, 1994.

Svirsky, M.A., Cullen, J.K. and Walker, C.F. Cochlear Implants. In: D. Wise (Ed.) Bioinstrumentation: Research, Developments and Applications, Butterworth Publishers, pp. 1161-1193, 1990.

Waring, A.J., Houseworth, C.M., Voorhies, R.M., Douglas, J.R., Walker, C.F., and Connolly, S.E. A prototype retractor system designed to minimize ischemic brain retractor injury--initial observations. Surg. Neurol. 34:139-143, 1990.

Sepulveda, N.G., Walker, C.F., and Heath, R.G. Finite element analysis of current pathways with implanted electrodes. J. Biomed. Eng. 5:41-48, 1983.

Walker, C.F., Steitelman, D.L., McElhaney, J.H., Mullen, S.P., Hagadorn, B.A., and Seto, Y.J. Effects of high intensity 60 Hertz fields on bone growth. J. Bioelec. 1:339-349, 1982.

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