Frank Jones, Ph.D.

Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology
Gerald and Flora Jo Mansfield Piltz Professorship in Cancer Research
B.S. Degree, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Department of Forest Biology, Syracuse, New York
M.S. Degree, Iowa State University, Department of Plant Pathology, Ames, Iowa.
Ph.D. Program McMaster University, Department of Molecular Immunology and Virology, School of Medical Sciences, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Research Interests

Molecular biology of breast cancer progression and therapeutic resistance. Signal transduction mediated by the EGFR-family. Regulation of gene expression in schizophrenia. Molecular alterations associated with brain injury. Micro RNA function in development and disease. Mouse models of neural and breast development.

Representative Publications

Allison, J.G., C.I. Rosa, C.L. Somers, J. Ma, F.M. Inglis, and F.E. Jones. 2010. The ERBB4 intracellular domain (4ICD) regulates gene expression in hippocampal cells. Neuroscience. Submitted for review.

Cittelly, D.M., P.M. Das, V.A. Salvo, J.P. Fonseca, M.E. Burow, and F.E. Jones. 2010. Oncogenic HER2D16 suppresses miR-15a/16 and deregulates BCL-2 to promote endocrine resistance of breast tumors. Carcinogenesis. In press.

Das, P.M., A.D. Thor, S.M. Edgerton, S.K. Barry, D.F. Chen, and F.E. Jones. 2010. Reactivation of epigenetically silenced HER4/ERBB4 results in apoptosis of breast tumor cells. Oncogene. In press.

Naresh, A., A.D. Thor, S.M. Edgerton, K.C. Torkko, R. Kumar, and F.E. Jones. 2008. The HER4/4ICD estrogen receptor coactivator and BH3-only protein is an effector of tamoxifen-induced apoptosis. Cancer Research. 68:6387-6395. Received journal cover honors.

Zhu, Y., L.L. Sullivan, S.S. Nair, C.C. Williams, A. Pandy, L. Marrero, R.K. Vadlamudi, and F.E. Jones. 2006. Coregulation of estrogen receptor by estrogen-inducible ERBB4/HER4 establishes a growth promoting autocrine signal in breast cancer. Cancer Research 66:7991-7998.

Vidal, G.A., A. Naresh, L. Marrero, and F.E. Jones. 2005. Presenilin-dependent g-secretase processing regulates multiple ERBB4/HER4 activities. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 280:19777-19783.

Williams, C.C., J.G. Allison, G.A. Vidal, M.E. Burow, B.S. Beckman, L. Marrero, and F.E. Jones. 2004. The ERBB4/HER4 receptor tyrosine kinase regulates gene expression by functioning as a STAT5A nuclear chaperone. The Journal of Cell Biology 167:469-478. Received journal cover honors.

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