Brain Awareness Week 2009

2009BAW_LogoPhotos taken at Brain Awareness Week Events sponsored by TUNA (Tulane University Neuroscience Association), Tulane Neuroscience Program and GNOSN (Greater New Orleans Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience)

Form more information on TUNA's events, please view their current events page.

Monday, March 16 Dessert on the Patio

Special thanks to Sommer Kirsch and her mom for baking all the delicious treats!

tuna-cake tuna-cupcake BAWallfacingcamera BAWdessertgrads BAWDessertChrisJamesTUNAofficers BAWdessertsgradseating BAWNickyandothers BAWdessertShellyJustin


Tuesday, March 17, Guest Speaker, Dr. Marc Matrana

Dr. Matrana graduated from Tulane (Psychology Major), and LSU Medical School, and he currently is a third year resident at Ochsner Hospital (Internal Medicine). Marc told the audience about medical school and residencies, and shared the good and "not so good" about becoming a physician.

Dr Matrana Anna Dr. Matrana


Wednesday, March 18 Presentations from Tulane Neuroscience Faculty

Invited Speakers:

  • Dr. Allan V. Kalueff (Pharmacology)
  • Dr. Edward Golob (Psychology)
  • Dr. Nandini Vasudevan (Cell & Molecular Biology)
  • Dr. Harry Howard (Spanish and Portgugese)
BAWGolobinlecturehall BAWGoloblookingforward BAWGolobpointstoslide BAWNandiniDavidfront BAWDavidEdHarry BAWDavidEd

Thursday, March 19 Trivia Night


  • 1st Place: Andrew New
  • 2nd Place: Ivan Zapolsky
  • 3rd Place: Rick Silbert

BAWTriviaWinners Andrew, Rick, and Ivan show off their prizes!

BAWreadingQs BAWwinnersandMaria BAWwinnersstandingtogether

Saturday, March 21, Anatomy of the Brain at Louisiana Children's Museum

ChildrensMuseum_000 allbehindtableAnnasmiling AnnaAndyotherscolors AnnaSopanbubbleschild howfastcanyouseeAnna howfastcanyouseeDavid howfastcanyouseeSopan howfastcanyouseeSunil MaryamSopan studentsbehindtable SunilBeaubrains Sunilhoolahoop

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