Undergraduate: Tulane University Neuroscience Association (TUNA)


Congratulations to our new officers for 2016-2017!
Internal President Parker Tirrell
Communications Executive
Arjun Mehrotra
Events Coordinator
Emily Kaminsky
Treasurer Sophie Rhines
Professional Relations Executive
Tessa Lavorgna
External President
Megan Haney
Mental Health Executive
Natalie Pilgeram
Youth Outreach Executive
Jenna Bates
High School Outreach Executive
Sierra Lear
Faculty Sponsor
Dr Beth Wee

If you would like to become more involved in TUNA, or if you have ideas for future events, please contact one of these officers. If you'd like to request membership and be added to the listerv, visit TUNA's OrgSync page here

Here are some excerpts from a message from TUNA's first president, Ardalan Minokadeh:

TUNA intends to serve many purposes (too many to mention!) including:

  • invite speakers to the campus (seminars/discussions)
  • expose the Tulane community (and Greater New Orleans) to neuroscience and issues of the brain
  • expose majors or those interested to possible future careers or educational opportunities in the field
  • let Neuroscience majors meet each other!
  • provide support (academic, social, or other) for the growing number of Neuroscience majors on campus

Spread the word! This club is NOT restricted to just neuroscience majors OR undergraduate students. All students of any major or class/standing are invited and encouraged to join.

For more information about TUNA, contact this year's president, Parker Tirrell or Dr. Beth Wee. You can also view photos of TUNA's 2009 participation in Brain Awareness Week.

Visit TUNA's events page to find out more about their upcoming events »


Read the 2016 TUNA newsletter "Synapse" here

200 Flower Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118, 504-862-3305