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Fall 2007

Tulane Chemical Engineering Graduates Brother/Sister Duo in Amazing Global Race DECEMBER 6, 2007


In an “Amazing Race” episode, brother/sister team Azaria Azene (center) and Hendekea Azene (right) in Amsterdam search among 2,500 bikes for two marked ones and then ride 5 miles to receive their next clue. (Photo by Robert Voets/CBS ©2007 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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CNN's Larry King interviews Charles Allen Tulane Center for Bioenvironmental Research and actor Brad Pitt!! DECEMBER 5, 2007

Charles Allen, assistant director for external relations at the Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research, was featured along with actor Brad Pitt on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” Allen is the president of the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association and is working with Pitt on green rebuilding projects in the Katrina devastated Lower Ninth Ward.

In the Dec. 5 segment, Allen and Pitt take King on a walking tour through the neighborhood. Said Pitt in the interview: “Charles has been here from the very beginning ... and is really one of the leaders in the future of New Orleans.”

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Students Make Quantum Leap DECEMBER 4, 2007


Students in the Modern Applications for Quantum Physics TIDES course get feedback from Russ Schmehl, a professor of chemistry, during a poster session held on their final day of class. The course was taught by professors Dmitry Uskov and Alexander Burin for the first time this fall. (Photo by Alicia Duplessis)

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LA EPSCoR - Tooling in Cyberspace DECEMBER 2007


Dr. Donald Gaver, Chair, Tulane Biomedical Engineering Department, and one of the three Science Driver team leaders, addressing the RII project kick-off meeting.

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Katrina Severely Damaged Coastal Forests NOVEMBER 16, 2007


A study led by Jeffrey Chambers, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, examines the relations between global warming and damage to forests caused by intensifying weather systems. (Photo by George Long)

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Tulane Alumnus Thomas Lee Part of Aviation History OCTOBER 29, 2007


Showing off his certificate from the first Boeing 747 flight in 1970, Tulane alumnus Thomas Lee, left, is ready to fly on the Airbus 380 with his wife, Sally, center, and daughter, Briana, right. (Photo provided by Thomas Lee)

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President's Award Recognizes Ashbaugh's Promise OCTOBER 9, 2007


His potential as a researcher brings Henry Ashbaugh the Tulane President's Early Career Development Award. He is assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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Assistant Professor Lev Kaplan Department of Physics has been awarded the 2007 Graduate Studies Students Association (GSSA) Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence. Congratulations!!

The Tulane Physics Department - A Post-Katrina Success Story
OCTOBER 12, 2007


Along with most other New Orleans residents, the members of the Tulane Physics faculty were flung far and wide in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Remarkably, all faculty members have returned, even though many could have taken positions elsewhere. Most had an unexpectedly rewarding sojourn during this ‘forced sabbatical’, and most have returned to Tulane fortified and with ambitious plans. This newly strengthened state of the Tulane Physics department is one of many silver linings in the otherwise very dark cloud of Katrina.

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Regents' Funding Boosts Tulane Faculty SEPTEMBER 7, 2007


Joe Savoie, left, Louisiana commissioner of higher education, gives a check for matching funds to a pleased Scott Cowen, Tulane University president. The funds make possible new Tulane faculty positions.
(Photos by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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Green Class Gains Momentum SEPTEMBER 4, 2007


"Is there any hope for life on this planet?" Though it sounds like a dramatic question, it was posed earnestly by a student at the Environmental Orientation held the day before classes started at Tulane on Aug. 29.

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Pesticide Use Imperils World Crop Yields AUGUST 31, 2007


Tulane researchers recently published findings that may explain why continued use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers reduces agricultural crop yields. (Photo by Getty Images)

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Spring 2008

Robot Rumble

The Tulane University Robot Battle Olympiad pits robot designs against each other. Biomedical engineering students organized the event and invited other students to participate. Senior Lee White's design - the last robot still able to move - was the winner.

Tulane Geology Major Johanna "Josie" Nevitt Awarded a Goldwater Scholarship APRIL 17, 2008


A trio of junior Tulane students has shined a light on academic achievements as well as the university by capturing prestigious scholarships. Sarah Ray and Kramer Schmidt were selected 2008 Truman Scholars, and Johanna “Josie” Nevitt won a Goldwater scholarship.

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Spillway Opening Prompts Mixed Reaction APRIL 15, 2008


A pushboat makes its way through the swollen Mississippi River. High river levels prompted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to prevent flooding by releasing river water into Lake Pontchartrain. (Photos by Ryan Rivet)

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New Lab for Promising Polymer Research APRIL 14, 2008


Physics professor Wayne Reed is founder and director of the new Tulane Center for Polymer Reaction Monitoring and Characterization in the School of Science and Engineering. (Photo by George Long)

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Science and Engineering Outstanding Researcher APRIL 10, 2008


Ulrike Diebold, right, accepts the Outstanding Researcher Award from Nicholas Altiero, dean of the School of Science and Engineering, at a ceremony on April 10. It marks the second year the award has been presented. (Photos by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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2008 Clifford Lectures Department of Mathematics

The 2007 - 2008 Clifford Lectures will take place on the campus of Tulane University from Wednesday, March 12 through Saturday, March 15, 2008. This year’s Clifford Lecturer is Professor Samson Abramsky, who holds the Christopher Strachey Chair in Computing at the University of Oxford, UK.

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Congratulations to David Fobes!

Tulane Physics student selected to attend the 58th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners in Physics.

Tulane Civil Engineering Graduate, Now NASA Astronaut

Douglas G. Hurley (LIEUTENANT COLONEL, USMC) bio Selected for 2009 NASA Spaceflight flight info.

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Serious About Science MARCH 31, 2008


Thomas Hebert, a professor of practice in the psychology department, teaches behavioral neuroscience to high school students who are taking part in the Tulane Science Scholars Program that introduces them to careers in engineering, math and science. (Photo by Mark Hogan)

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Campus Commits to Reduce Carbon Footprint MARCH 19, 2008


Tulane University President Scott Cowen signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment on Tuesday (March 18), pledging that the university will measure its impact on global warming and then develop a plan to achieve carbon neutrality through reduced energy use, green building, increased recycling efforts and other measures.

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Information Flow Adds Up MARCH 11, 2008


This year’s Clifford Lecturer at Tulane is Samson Abramsky, a theoretical computer scientist from the University of Oxford in England.

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Honor for Professor John Perdew MARCH 11, 2008


The achievements of physics professor John Perdew were in the spotlight on Sunday (March 9) at a special symposium.

The symposium honoring Perdew’s work in Density Functional Theory (DFT) was held as part of the annual March meeting of the American Physical Society, held on the Tulane uptown campus. International scientists who are leaders in their field attended the DFT Fest.

Perdew’s colleague Ulrike Diebold, physics professor who holds the Yahoo! Founder Chair in Science and Engineering, said that Perdew “is arguably one of the world’s most influential physicists.” Starting in the 1970s, Perdew, together with coworkers such as Mel Levy, Tulane chemistry professor emeritus, devised a major improvement to DFT that helped promote the theory, which is now used in a large variety of fields such as solid-state physics, physical chemistry, surfaces, catalysis and biomolecules.

Southern Grace, Yankee Spirit MARCH 1, 2008

The mossy live oaks gracing Tulane University's lush green quads have reclaimed their pre-Katrina glory, their arched boughs now nearly brushing the ground. The city's beloved streetcars, sidelined for more than two years, are again gliding down St. Charles Avenue alongside the campus, their steel wheels rolling slowly past miles of stately Queen Anne and Victorian mansions.

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Mississippi Delta Spongy on Top, Stable Underneath FEBRUARY 22, 2008


Törnqvist, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences and director of the National Institute for Climatic Change Research Coastal Center at Tulane, is studying subsidence of the Mississippi River Delta. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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Enabling the Disabled FEBRUARY 20, 2008


Tulane students (from left) Marie Norman, Noel Schexnayder, Molly Oehmichen and Taylor Moss show the convertible walker/stroller they built for a 4-year-old boy with a muscle weakening condition. The team earned the highest score during a biomedical engineering design show. (Photos by George Long)

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Professor Guides Child Psychology Journal FEBRUARY 15, 2008


Jeffrey J. Lockman conducts a study of motor skill development with 17-month-old Rhiannon Leed and Jackie Leed, her mother and a psychology graduate student. (Photo by Mark Hogan)

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"Plan B"


"Plan B", one of the autonomous vehicles that was a semifinalist in the recent DARPA Grand Challenge, will be on campus on Wednesday November 14 at 4PM. This vehicle, based on a hybrid SUV, was designed and built by Tulane School of Engineering alumni at Team Gray, a MLouisiana team made up of employees of GrayMatter, Inc.

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Tulane Chemical Engineering Graduate is now Louisiana's First Lady

Supriya Jolly Jindal, who has two degrees from Tulane University, is the new first lady of Louisiana. Her husband, Bobby Jindal, was sworn in as governor of the Pelican state on Monday (Jan. 14).

Supriya Jindal, 35, received an engineering degree from Tulane in 1993 and an MBA in 1996. She has put her PhD on hold as well as a marketing job at a global chemical manufacturer to move with her husband from the New Orleans area to the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge, La.

As a chemical engineer, she has worked at an herbicide plant run by Monsanto Co. and a job marketing chemical products for Albemarle Corp.

Her first date with Bobby Jindal was to a Carnival ball in New Orleans. They were married in 1997, less than a year later. The couple has three children: daughter Selia, 5, and sons Shaan, 3, and Slade, 17 months. Along with childproofing the governor’s mansion, Supriya Jindal has been at her husband’s side amidst the national and international media attention that has surrounded Gov. Bobby Jindal’s inauguration.

Science on the Edge JANUARY 25, 2008


Along Louisiana Highway 1, cypress-tree stumps stick up out of the marsh grass every mile or so. The gray, bare trees look as forlorn as the splintered docks poking into the Gulf of Mexico at the end of the road on Grand Isle—the last stop on the highway. The dead trees and ruined piers appear to have met similar fates in the path of storms and saltwater intrusion.

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Coast Guard JANUARY 25, 2008


The “ding” of the elevator bell marks the start of another day working to save a precious little corner of the environment. Carlton Dufrechou (E ’78, ’93), executive director of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, uses the ride up to his 20th-floor office to center his thoughts around the hundreds of details that are going into the foundation’s efforts from revitalizing the lake to developing an ambitious program combining coastal restoration and hurricane storm protection.

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Tulane professor Hank Ashbaugh Wins National Science Foundation CAREER Award JANUARY 22, 2008

Hank Ashbaugh, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the Tulane University School of Science and Engineering, has received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his research on the structures, or lack thereof, of proteins. Ashbaugh will receive a total of $431,000 in research funding for a five-year study.

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NPR 'All Things Considered' JANUARY 21, 2008

Tulane professor Jeff Chambers's Hurricane Katrina related research.

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Meteor Impacts Can Have Subtle Effects

Elevated groundwater fluoride concentrations are a major health issue in many parts of the world.

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Congratulations!! Tim Schuler, Tulane Physics Department Staff Excellence Award Winner

Brain Pursuits Bring Professor Back JANUARY 9, 2008


Julie Alvarez returned to New Orleans to teach psychology full time at Tulane. Photo by (Paula Burch-Celentano).

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Summer 2008

Summer Research in Neuroscience 2008


Tulane students learned that the best way to defeat the heat of a New Orleans summer is to study the brain in the confines of a climate-controlled laboratory.

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Congratulations August 2008 Graduates!

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Congratulations May 2008 Graduates!

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Masters of Their Universe JUNE 2008


Tulane University graduate students Jerina Pillert, left, and Katharine Hamlington with Dr. Donald Gaver examine microfluidic experiments involving microparticle image velocimetry, an optical technique for measuring fluid velocity.

Louisiana's Better Half July 1, 2008


Her husband, Bobby, may be running the state, but Supriya Jindal brings her own record of accomplishment to the governor’s mansion.

This was her third child, so Supriya Jindal (E ’93, B ’96) figured she knew what she was doing when it came to having a baby.

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Congratulations! Dr. Michael Cunningham


One of eight finalists for Campus Compact's 2008 Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service Learning.

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Institute Keeps Elementary School Teachers Smiling JULY 9, 2008


Nearly 50 third- and fourth-grade teachers are on the uptown campus at Tulane through today (July 31) as participants of NOLA SMILE (Science and Mathematics, Inquiry, Learning and Exploring).

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Marshall Scholar Shows He’s Got Heart MAY 23, 2008


Jason Mellad, who graduated from Tulane with a bachelor’s degree in cell and molecular biology, is pursuing a career as a researcher in cardiovascular medicine in England. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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Top Teachers an Inspiration to Undergrads MAY 19, 2008


Recipients of the university’s highest honors for teaching undergraduates are Linda Carroll, professor of Italian, and Michael Cunningham, associate professor of psychology. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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Public Service Award Honors Spirit of Giving MAY 16, 2008


Anne Marie Norman and Kelly Holmes are the first recipients of a public service award honoring undergraduate civic engagement. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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Just Ducky MAY 20, 2008

Phi Beta Kappa presented its Riess Award to Carmella Vizza, an ecology and evolutionary biology major from San Antonio, while ODK honored neuroscience program leader Beth Wee with its Ducky Award.

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