2017 Alumni Awards

Honoring Exceptional Alumni

Tulane Awards 2017On Thursday, April 6, three notable Tulane University science and engineering alumni were honored for their contributions to the field and the university at the ninth annual School of Science and Engineering Alumni Awards at the Tulane River and Coastal Center.

“It is because of our talented and generous alumni that we have been able to make the School of Science and Engineering what it is today,” said Nicholas Altiero, dean of the School of Science and Engineering. “It is an honor to be able to recognize these three very special alumni.”

2017 Outstanding Alumnus

Honored as the 2017 Outstanding Alumnus, acclaimed researcher, Dr. Steven “Steve” M. Paul, BS ‘72, MS ’75 (Medicine), MD ’75, has spent his career finding cures for some of the most complicated neurological disorders. He is currently the president and CEO at Voyager Therapeutics, Inc. and the founder and director of SAGE Therapeutics. He was formerly the founding director of the Helen and Robert Appel Alzheimer’s Disease Research Institute and the Burton P. and Judith B. Resnick Distinguished Professor in Neurodegenerative Diseases as well as the Dewitt Senior Scholar and professor of Neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Paul’s research has helped shed light on genetic factors that dramatically increase the risk for Alzheimer’s and actually cause the brain abnormalities that lead to the loss of neurons and the symptoms of the disease. He has authored or co-authored over 550 papers and is listed as one of the most highly cited scientists in the world. His contributions to the field are numerous, including overseeing the development of several notable products such as Lilly’s Zyprexa and Cymbalta.

2017 Outstanding Young Alumnus

From early days dreaming up “chess with lasers” in product design classes at Tulane University, Luke J. Hopper, BSE ’03 (Biomedical Engineering), MS ’05 (Mechanical Engineering) has transitioned his love of invention to a successful product design and business consulting firm. As the founder and president of FACTOR 10, Hopper helps clients navigate every stage of the product development process. Over the course of his young career, Hopper has designed, prototyped, manufactured and launched over 30 products for FACTOR 10 and its clients. A seasoned entrepreneur, Hopper has co-founded Innovention Toys, Blue Wine Bar and Reyn Studios: Power Yoga.

For his contributions and dedication to entrepreneurship and innovation Hopper was named the 2017 Outstanding Young Alumnus.

2017 Outstanding Service Alumnus

William “Bill” Marko, BSE ’81 (Mechanical Engineering), MEGN ’83 (Petroleum Engineering) and his wife Marta, have been active and dedicated supporters of Tulane University and the School of Science and Engineering. It is because of their contribution and vision that the school was able to launch the Tulane Brain Institute, a new interdisciplinary initiative to support brain-related research of neuroscience endeavors. They also created the Francis William and Douglas J. Marko Scholarship in Engineering to support promising engineering students.

A seasoned engineer, Bill has had a successful career working with and managing energy companies across the globe. In addition to his and Marta’s considerable generosity, Bill has also served as a co-chair of his 35th reunion and is currently chair of the President’s Council and member of the Board of Advisors for the School of Science and Engineering. For his loyalty and devotion, Marko is the 2017 Outstanding Service Alumnus.

“These three alumni represent intellectual curiosity, innovation, entrepreneurship and service, all qualities that make Tulane students exceptional,” said Altiero. “We are proud to have them among our honored alumni.”

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