Dean's Message – Spring 2012

Spring 2012 | Nicholas J. Altiero, Dean

Nicholas J. Altiero, Ph.D.Learn. Discover. Collaborate. Innovate. These four words on the home page of the School of Science and Engineering web site encapsulate the spirit and the mission of the School. Learning is an obvious component as we are, after all, a university and the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge is at the core of what we do. And Tulane is a research university so discovery and innovation (the objectives of basic and applied research) are also central themes. But what distinguishes us among our peer institutions is the extraordinary emphasis that we place on collaboration and, in particular, on collaboration among scientists and engineers toward the goal of making more immediate the impact of scientific discovery on technological innovation.

The vision of the Tulane School of Science and Engineering has from the outset been to build “a school where science and engineering are tightly interconnected; where scientists and engineers work together in an integrated organization on problems of mutual interest; where current research in engineering is informed by current research in science and current research in science is informed by current research in engineering; and where students, regardless of their major field of study, have the opportunity to become familiar with concepts and methods of both science and engineering.” In articulating this vision, the School has positioned itself for a leadership role in a world where science and engineering are increasingly interconnected, providing students with a broad educational experience and a deep understanding of science and its applications and impacts.

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