Ph.D. Application Requirements

The Physics and Engineering Physics Department is pleased to offer two Graduate Fellowships funded by the Louisiana Board of Regents to eligible Physics PhD applicants for Fall 2017. The Board of Regents stipulates that the Fellowships are to be employed as a recruitment tool of highly-sought after, nationally competitive Physics PhD applicants, and it is expected that the Fellowship recipients will fit that bill. Each Fellowship provides an annual stipend of $33,000 for four years for the recipient to carry out research towards the PhD degree. No teaching assistant duties are expected of the recipients. Recipients of Fellowships must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens holding permanent visa status. Special consideration will be given to women and underrepresented minority applicants, as well as the applicants from the State of Louisiana and the surrounding region.

How to apply for the Fellowship: There is no additional application for the Fellowship. All eligible applicants who submit the application to the Tulane Physics PhD program will be considered for the Fellowship.

The application deadline is February 1 for the admission and enrollment in the Fall semester of the same calendar year. There is no application fee.

The GRE General test is required for the admission to the Physics and Materials Physics and Engineering Ph.D. programs. Unofficial scores may be submitted at the time of application, but official score reports are required for enrollment if the applicant is offered admission. Official GRE test scores should be submitted using school code 6173 and department code 0808. The GRE Physics subject test is not required, but is recommended for application for admission to the Physics PhD program.

For international applicants, the TOEFL test is required. We do not accept IELTS. The minimum TOEFL score of 80 is required for admission to the Ph.D. programs. Unofficial test scores may be submitted at the time of application. An official TOEFL test score is required for enrollment in the program if the applicant is offered admission. Official TOEFL score reports should be submitted using school code 6173 and department code 76.

Latest undergraduate and graduate transcripts are required. Unofficial copies may be provided at the time of application. Official transcript copies are required for the enrollment in the program.


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