Physics Major Sample Schedule

Note: This is only a suggested schedule and students should not feel compelled in any way to model their course of studies on this example. Many other options and alternatives are possible, especially when including a double major. Chemistry, for example, is not a requirement for the B.S. in Physics. The illustration of certain courses in certain semesters below does not guarantee they will be offered in the suggested semester. Many physics courses at the 3000 level and above are given only once every two years. Students should keep abreast of actual course offerings as they are published by the Registrar.

1st Year
Fall Spring

PHYS 1310

General Physics I + lab (4)

PHYS 1320

General Physics II + lab (4)

MATH 1210

Calculus I (4)

CHEM 1080+1085

General Chemistry II + lab (4)

ENGL 1010

Writing (4) [unless exempt]

MATH 1220

Calculus II (4)

CHEM 1070+1075

General Chemistry I + lab (4) Foreign Language or elective(s)
TIDES Course (1)  
2nd Year
Fall Spring

PHYS 2350

Modern Physics I (3)

PHYS 2360

Modern Physics II (3)

MATH 2210

Calculus III (4)

PHYS 3170

Computational Physics and Engineering (3)

PHYS 4230

Thermal Physics (3)

MATH 2240

Applied Mathematics (4)
Foreign Language or elective(s) Cultural Knowledge Elective 1 (3)
Public Service Course, e.g., Introduction to Physics Pedagogy (1) Elective(s)
3rd Year
Fall Spring

PHYS 3010

Theoretical Physics (3)

PHYS 3530

Advanced Laboratory (3)

PHYS 3630

Electromagnetic Theory I (3)

PHYS 3600

Nanoscience & Technology (3)

PHYS 3700

Electronic Properties of Materials (3)

PHYS 4650

Optics (3)

PHYS 3800

Colloquium (1) Elective(s)
Cultural Knowledge Elective 2 (3)  
4th Year
Fall Spring

PHYS 3740

Classical Mechanics (3) Elective(s)

PHYS 3150

Intro to Neutron Science (3)  

PHYS 4470

Quantum Mechanics (3)  
Capstone Course  

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