Ph.D. Alumni Listing 1990-1999

Listings are ordered by date from most recent to older entries. If you are not on this list, but should be, please contact T. Schuler.

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Top ⇑1999

October 14

Xiaoyang Chen, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Optimizing the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction: Two and Three Particle Systems
Faculty Advisor: Robert D. Purrington
Field of Research: Nuclear Physics

April 9

Robert P. Winarski, Ph.D.

Dissertation: The Electronic Structure Of Hard Materials
Faculty Advisor: David L. Ederer
Field of Research: Experimental Solid State Physics

Top ⇑1998

November 20

Weidong Huang, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Theoretical Studies of the Magneto-Optic Effects in Metals
Faculty Advisor: James M. MacLaren
Field of Research: Theoretical Solid State Physics

April 13

Shane Stadler, Ph.D.

Dissertation: The Electronic Structures Of Tungsten Carbides, Borides, And Silicides
Faculty Advisor: David L. Ederer
Field of Research: Experimental Solid State Physics

April 7

Lanping Zhang, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Growth, Structure and Properties of Metal and Metal Oxide Films
Faculty Advisor: Ulrike Diebold
Field of Research: Surface Science

Top ⇑1995

October 2

Frank A. Dodaro, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Role of the Nuclear Orientation in Hot Rotating Nuclei
Faculty Advisor: Alan Goodman
Field of Research: Mathematical Physics

April 13

Hapu Arachchige Ranjith Vasantha Wijesundera, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Trapped and Anti-Trapped Surfaces in Friedmann Universes
Faculty Advisor: Frank Tipler
Field of Research: Relativity & Cosmology

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Top ⇑1991

October 11

Robert MacLellan Peitzsch

Dissertation: Light Scattering and Osmotic Pressure Studies of Glycosaminoglycans
Faculty Advisor: Wayne F. Reed
Field of Research: Polymer Physics & Biophysics

August 8

Yue Wang

Dissertation: Exchange and Correlation in Many-Electron Systems
Faculty Advisor: John P. Perdew
Field of Research: Solid State/Density Functional Theory

Top ⇑1990

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