Ulrike DieboldUlrike Diebold, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Professor of Surface Science, Institute of Applied Physics, TU Vienna


Institute of Applied Physics
Technische Universit├Ąt Wien
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10/134, 1040 Wien, Austria

Research Interests

Surface Science ┬╗

Recent Courses



  • Diplom Ingenieur, Technische Universitaet Wien (1986)
  • Ph.D., Technische Universitaet Wien (1990)

Recent Publications

U. Diebold "The Surface Science of TiO2," Surface Science Reports, 48 (2003) 53-229. (Invited)

O. Dulub, U. Diebold, and G. Kresse "Novel Stabilization Mechanism on Polar Surfaces: ZnO(0001)-Zn," Physical Review Letters 90 (2003) 016102.

M. Batzill, B. Katsiev, D.J. Gaspar, and U. Diebold "Variations of the Local Electronic Surface Properties of TiO2(110) Induced by Intrinsic and Extrinsic Defects," Physical Review B 66 (2002) 235401.

M. Batzill, E.L.D. Hebenstreit, W. Hebenstreit, and U. Diebold "Influence of Charged Subsurface Impurities on the Adsorption of Cl on TiO2(110)," Chemical Physics Letters, 367 (3-4) (2002) 319.

R. Marcus, U. Diebold and R. D. Gonzalez "The Locus of Sulfate Sites on Sulfated Zirconia," Catalysis Letters, 86(4) (2003) 151.

G.S. Herman, Z. Dohnalek, N. Ruzycki, and U. Diebold "Experimental Investigation on the Interaction of Water and Methanol with Anatase-TiO2(101)," Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 107 (2003) 2788.

N. Ruzycki, G.S. Herman, L.A Boatner, and U. Diebold "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of the TiO2 Anatase (100) Surface," Surface Science Letters, 529/1-2 (2003) L239.

M. Batzill, K. Katsiev, and U. Diebold "Surface Morphologies of SnO2(110)," Surface Science, 529/3 (2003) 295.

U. Diebold, N. Ruzycki, G.S. Herman, A. Selloni "One Step Towards Bridging the Materials Gap: Surface Studies of TiO2 Natase," Catalysis Today, (2003).

Lynn Vogel Koplitz, Olga Dulub, Ulrike Diebold "STM Study of Copper Growth on ZnO(0001)-Zn and ZnO(0001bar)-O Surfaces," The Journal of Physical Chemistry B(2003).

Igor A. Kuyanov, Daniel J. Lacks, Ulrike Diebold "Dynamics of the TiO2 (110) Surface and Step: Onset of Defects in the Ordered Stucture," Physical Review B 68 233404(2003).

Georg Kresse, Olga Dulub, Ulrike Diebold "Competing Stabilization Mechanism for The Polar ZnO(0001)-Zn Surface," Physical Review B 68 245409(2003).

M. Batzill,A.M. Chaka and U. Diebold "Surface Oxygen Chemistry of a Gas-Sensing Material: SnO2(101)," Europhysics Letters 65 (1), pp.61-67 (2004).

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