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Transfer Credit Information for Physics Courses

Steps for pre-approval of transfer credit for summer courses to be taken at University X:

  • Compare the catalog course title and description for a summer course at X with Tulane’s catalog listings. A Tulane course description with a close match to an X course description will be approved usually. When the course description at X is sketchy, get a copy of the summer course syllabus at X to make a useful comparison.
  • For freshman physics courses, confirm that the course at X includes a lab. When the X freshman course is calculus-based, the Tulane counterpart would be PHYS 1310 or 1320; when the X course is trig/algebra-based, the Tulane course would be PHYS 1210 or 1220. Tulane’s 1210 and 1310 include thermodynamics, a topic that is sometimes omitted in X’s comparable; Tulane’s 1220 and 1320 include modern physics that X’s comparable may not cover.
  • Please see your academic advisor next. The advising office has a transfer credit approval form that must be filled out and signed by your advisor. A copy of X’s catalog course description and/or course syllabus must be attached to the form.
  • Please bring the approval form to the main physics office. Ms. Thigpen will process your form and contact you about the decision to approve or deny transfer credit.

Guidelines for Physics Graduate Students

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Graduate Students' Enrollment and Status

All students who are not taking classes full time must be registered in dissertation research every semester to keep their status as full time students and to be eligible for health insurance assistance.

Graduate Students' Health Insurance Supplement

As per the Office of Research, all T.A.s and BORs will receive $325 each semester from the SSE Dean toward their health care costs, for a toal of $650/year to help pay the student insurance fee of $1,893. All R.A.s will receive the same amount, but it will have to be paid from the P.I.'s grant.

Physics Dept. Dissertation Templates

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