Colloquia will be held from 3:00-4:00pm in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Room B11. Changes will be noted below, and refreshments will be served.

September 17

Denys Bondar, Tulane University
"Towards Efficient Model-Building of Complex Quantum Systems from Observed Data"

September 24

Ward Plummer, LSU
"Visualizing on Atomic Scale Interface Quantum Physics"

October 1

Michael Naguib, Tulane University
"Intercalation in Layered Two-dimensional Transition Metal Carbides “MXenes”: More Complex than it First Appeared"

October 8

Howard Branz, Former ARPA-E
"Perspective from NREL and ARPA-E: Black Silicon and Hybrid Solar Energy Conversion"

October 15

Johnathan Bird, U at Buffalo - SUNY
"Novel Nonequilibrium Phenomena in 2D Materials"

October 22

Michael Norman, Argonne Natl. Lab
"Mineralogy Inspires Physics"

October 29

Cristian Arenz, Princeton Univ.
"Hamiltonian Amplification"

November 5

Eli Sutter, UNL
"Two-dimensional Chalcogenide Semiconductors: Growth, Stability, Light-Matter Interactions"

November 12

Cesare Tronci, U of Surrey
"Geometric methods in hybrid classical-quantum dynamics"

November 19

Ernesto Bosque, National MagLab
"Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ Round Wire (Bi-2212 RW) Technology for High Field NMR Magnets"

November 26

Dennis Bodewits, Auburn U
"The Physics of Comets"

December 3

Keji Lai, UT Austin
"Electronic Inhomogeneity in a Flatland"

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