Center for Polymer Reaction Monitoring and Characterization


We have developed unique instrumentation and methods for comprehensive monitoring of polymerization reactions, allowing process optimization, accelerating R&D of new polymeric materials, and potentially allowing fullscale reactor control. This work is complemented by our advances in the area of macromolecular characterization.

Mission statement:
To be the world's premier center for R&D in polymerization reaction monitoring

Motto: Value and impact based on scientific and technical excellence, integrity, and relevance

PolyRMC is a Non-profit center.



ACOMP and associated center methods are designed for solving a wide array of fundamental and applied problems in industry, involving synthetic and biological polymers (e.g. natural products). These problems include stability, compatibility, mechanistic and kinetic understanding, identification of reaction anomalies, process control, etc.


School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764