Simultaneous Multiple Sample Light Scattering (SMSLS)

SMSLS collects the scattered light simultaneously from multiple independent samples in which time dependent processes may be occurring. It has been conceived as a tool for high throughput screening in a number of contexts:

  • to screen the long term stability of polymer and/or colloid solutions;

  • to monitor different time-dependent processes, such as aggregation, degradation, phase separation, microcrystallization;

  • to follow simultaneous polymerization reactions.

  • there are no fundamental limits on how many independent cells can be used in a given apparatus.


Typical Results

1. SMSLS Prototype unit

A recent prototype built by Michael Drenski. It includes 12 independent chambers, 4 of which are flow cells, and eight of which are insertable cuvettes in an index matched bath.


2. SMSLS to monitor therapeutic protein aggregation

Aggregation of Protein in Na phosphate solutions of different concentrations


3. SMSLS used in monitoring degradation processes

Degradation of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) by Hyaluronidase: IR,total/Kc for different solutions of HA


4. SMSLS used in monitoring polymerization reactions in situ:

The relationship between the Time Dependent Static Light Scattering (TDSLS)signatures and the intra- and interparticle characteristics of the polymer population, as the solution passes from the dilute to semi-dilute regime, is sought theoretically, and measured experimentally.

Acrylamide polymerization: TDSLS signatures from Zimm equation for first-order kinetics, according to different theoretical and experimentally encountered behaviors for Mw(t)


SMSLS Publications appeared or in press

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