Determination of molecular mass during online monitoring of copolymerization reactions

  • A workable and practical formalism for determination of Mw during reactions, using a single solvent, is developed for the case of N comonomers.

All these parameters are measurable online by ACOMP.


  • Tepolymerization: BA/MMA/Styrene terpolymerization reaction. Raw data

BA/MMA/Styrene terpolymerization reaction: Raw voltages

  • Assessing the magnitude of Map/Mw in copolymerization (N=2). Predictions for Map/Mw.

Left: Map and Mw for BA/Styrene copolymerization reaction (in DMF). The inset shows Map/MwRight: Predictions for Map/Mw ­ vs. a1 for five cases; i) no composition drift; ii) no mass drift and maximum composition drift; iii) maximum mass and composition drift; iv) intermediate composition and mass drift, and v) low composition and mass drift.

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