Who We Are

PolyRMC is

A center with a core staff possessing extensive experience in the field of polymer characterization and  complementary skills in other areas which is also involved in training and educating a group of highly motivated and enthusiastic graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting collaborators with various scientific backgrounds and areas of expertise.

PolyRMC Staff


Affiliated Research Groups

Prof. Scott Grayson
Tulane University Department of Chemistry
Group research page.

Graduate Students



PolyRMC Postdocs

Dr. Terry McAfee, Dr. Reza Farasat, Dr. Aide Wu, Dr. Nazila Soleimani, Dr. Carlos Castor

PolyRMC Recent and Current Visitors


Undergraduate Students


PolyRMC Strengths

  •   Unique technology born, raised, and flourishing at Tulane

  •   Long history of successful private sector collaboration

  •   Long history of competitive, peer-reviewed government funding

  •   Strong publication record of advances and discoveries in major scientific journals

  •   Ability to collaborate with a wide variety of fundamental and applied scientists in chemistry, chemical engineering,  biochemistry, materials scientists, etc.

  •   Well developed international ties, especially in Brazil and Europe

  •   Growing academic collaborations in US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, and elsewhere

  •   Location at Tulane; a diversified private university with an industry-friendly administration

  •   Location in New Orleans, a big draw for conventions and visitors from around the globe

  •   Access to larger and costlier instrumentation through the Coordinated Instrumentation Facility


Recent Personnel and Visitors

Frederick Twigg, Vivian Spier, Fabio Herbst Florenzano, Rilton Alves de Freitas, Pascal Enohnyaket, Gemma Gonzales, Selma Hokenek, Raber Inoubli, Emmanuel Mignard, Ahmet Paril, Gina Sorci, Ahmet Giz, Huceste Giz, Jean-Luc Brousseau, Gisele Peres, Evelyn de Melo, Claiton Brusamarello.

Academic Collaborators

Scott Grayson, Charles McCormick, Bryan Coughlin, Todd Emrick, Tarik Eren, Ray Farinato, Fabio Florenzano, Ahmet Giz, Huceste Giz, Bruno Grassl, Olivier Guerret, David Hoagland, Vijay John, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Gregory Tew, Paul Tordo.

Past and Present Students

Lindsay Nelson, Christina Cole, Dr. Tomasz Kreft, Zheng Li, Colin McFaul, Zifu Zhu, Namdi Brandon, Olivia Carnes, Andrew Hill, Artem Isakov, Ronald Kanter, Bryan Quigley, Demian Reed, Claire Stortstrom, Zachary Ulrich.

School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764