Graduate Course Offerings

Graduate Course Offerings in Psychology

PSYC 7000

Social Psychology

PSYC 7010


PSYC 7020

Developmental Psychology

PSYC 7030

Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC 7040

Evolutionary Model in Psychology

PSYC 7070

Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 7090

Physiological Psychology

PSYC 7100


PSYC 7150

Advanced Adolescent Psychology

PSYC 7160

Children of Color

PSYC 7180

Social Identity

PSYC 7230

Professional Issues in Psychology

PSYC 7370

Cognitive Development

PSYC 7380

Social Development

PSYC 7390


PSYC 7400

Developmental Psychopathology

PSYC 7410

Advanced Seminar I

PSYC 7420

Advanced Seminar II

PSYC 7430

Advanced Seminar III

PSYC 7440

Advanced Seminar IV

PSYC 7450

Linear Structural Equation Modeling

PSYC 7460

Advanced Seminar VI

PSYC 7470

Advanced Seminar VII

PSYC 7480

Advanced Seminar  VIII

PSYC 7490

Advanced Semimar IX

PSYC 7510

Advanced Research Projects

PSYC 7520

Advanced Research Projects

PSYC 7590

Neurobiology of Stress Disorders

PSYC 7610

Psychological Assessment I: Cognitive and Academic Assessment

PSYC 7620

Psychological Assessment II: Personality and Diagnosis

PSYC 7630

Behavioral Assessment and Intervention

PSYC 7640

Family Intervention

PSYC 7660

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

PSYC 7670

Infant Assessment

PSYC 7680

Seminar in Professional School Psychology

PSYC 7690

Theories of Clinical Intervention

PSYC 7810

School Consultation

PSYC 7820

Practicum in School Psychology

PSYC 7830

Pre-Doctoral Clinical Internship

PSYC 9980

Master's Thesis Research

PSYC 9990

Dissertation Research










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