4+1 Master's Programs

Overview of the 4+1 Programs

The 4+1 terminal Master's Programs in Psychology provide qualified students earning a baccalaureate degree from Tulane University with graduate training in psychology. Students either may pursue the M.S. in Psychological Science or in Behavioral Health.  Thesis and non-thesis options are possible in both programs.

Note: Applications for the 4+1 program are accepted only from students pursuing a baccalaureate degree from Tulane. Applications must be submitted through the on-line application system.

Application Deadline: February 1 of Senior Year for Psychological Science and November 1 of Senior Year for Behavioral Health.

Our 4+1 programs began in 2002, with a single graduate in 2003. Enrollments have increased steadily since 2002. For an optimal faculty/student ratio, the department generally restricts total enrollment to 12 students. Our program graduates and career trajectories after the degree are detailed below.


Psychological Science

This track provides qualified students earning a baccalaureate degree in Psychology with graduate level training in psychological theories and methods. Students electing to pursue this option have been interested in a broad background in Psychology at the graduate level or in specific areas such as social psychology, developmental psychology, and animal behavior.

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Behavioral Health

The 4+1 terminal Master's program in Behavioral Health provides qualified students earning a baccalaureate degree in Psychology or related fields (e.g., Public Health and Neuroscience) from Tulane University with graduate training in a specialty area of psychology. Behavioral Health is a broad term generally understood to subsume mental health, substance use disorders, and health related behaviors. Students who pursue the M.S. in Behavioral Health apply to one of two tracks: (1) Applied or (2) General. Students either may pursue the M.S. with an empirical thesis, concentrating in depth on a particular area of Behavioral Health, OR students may pursue the M.S. with a broad training base in Behavioral Health without a thesis.

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top ⇑Notes for Currently Enrolled Students

Tuition, Fees and Commencement

Students enrolled in the program pay reduced tuition for their year of study; tuition for the 4+1 MS program is 35% of full time graduate tuition. Students also are responsible for paying the requisite fees to the School of Science and Engineering in a timely fashion. In addition, students should note the school's published deadlines for application for degree, submission of thesis (if applicable), and degree fees. Information regarding commencement ceremonies will be posted when available. In the meantime, commencement weekend dates may be found here.

top ⇑Program Graduates - Psychological Science

Jonathan Abrams, M.S., May 2015

Jonathan Becker, M.S., May 2004

Medical School
Residency Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Sophia Belay, M.S., May 2004

University of Connecticut, Ph.D. Program, Clinical

Ryan Bigelsen, M.S., May 2013

Applicant, Medical School

Kady Bourgeois, M.S., May 2007

Position Unknown

Jennifer Braaten, M.S., May 2007


Christopher Burchett, M.S., December 2012

Quality Assurance Specialist, Epic Systems, WI

Elizabeth Carey, M.S., May 2008

PhD, School Psychology, Tulane University

Lee Ann Carnes, 2007

University of Maryland, Ph.D. Program, School Psychology

Samantha Couch, M.S. May 2014

Employed in Industry, New Orleans LA

Max Daigh, May 2010

Teach for America, Kansas City

Joshua Dillon, May 2015

Teach NOLA

Jacob Firestone, M.S., May 2012

La Salle University, Psy.D. Program

Phillip Glotser, M.S., May 2007

LSU Medical School

Dhruv Gupta, M.S., May 2013

Medical School, St. Georges Global Scholars Program 

Brooke Hansen, M.S., May 2010

Oklahoma State University, Ph.D. Program, School Psychology

Briana Hedman, M.A., 2006

Data Collector, Health Research Association, University of Southern California

Trenesha Hill, M.S., December 2013

Tulane University Department of Psychology Ph.D. Program, School Psychology

Lauren Hitt, M.S., August 2008

High School Counselor, Sojourner Truth Academy, New Orleans

Kelly Holmes, M.S., August 2009

Project Fleur de Lis, New Orleans

Kyle Hucke, M.S., May 2008

PhD Psychology, Tulane University
Data Manager, Whole Kids' Network, LA

Timothy Jackson, M.S., May 2007

Law School, Ohio State University

Galen Jones, M.A., 2006

Program Coordinator, UAB Department of Pediatrics

Justin Kordys, M.S., August 2014

Law School

Jennifer Kuhn, M.S., August 2008

Ph.D. Program, Clinical Psychology

Sarah Kurash, M.S., May 2015

Seeking employment, Human Resources

Samia Lalani, MS., December 2015

Clinical Program Director of Adult Services, Positive Living Treatment Center

Erika Larson, M.S., May 2015

Animal Trainer, Gulf World Marine Park,FL

Meagan Magaldi, M.S., August 2017

Law School, University of Florida

Idan Mark, M.S. December 2014 

School Psychology intern, Tel Aviv

Marina Mery, M.S. December 2014 

Applicant, Doctoral Programs

Yamile Molina, M.S., May 2005

University of Washington, Ph.D. Program, Animal Behavior

Matthew Nonnamaker, M.S., May 2015

Alexandra Payne, M. S., December 2016

Internship, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Isaac Perkins, M.S., August 2003

Masters Program, I/O

Lauren Peterson, M.S., May 2012

Management Training Program, Enterprise

Sarah Podesta, M.S., August 2016

Project Assistant, Neuroscience Program Tulane.

Lily Rabinow, M.S. December 2013

Post-bacc premed program, Harvard extension

Brooke Rappaport, M.S., May 2013

Ph.D. Program in Counseling & Human Development Services, University of Georgia

Nicole Renke, M.S., May 2017

Alexandra Roselli, M.S., December 2013

Law School, Loyola New Orleans

Christine Sassane, M.S., 2010

City of New Orleans Law School, Temple

Iina Savolainen, M.S., December 2016

Social Psychology PhD Program, University of Tampere Finland

Samantha Siegel, M.S., May 2004

University of North Texas, Master's Program Counseling

Nicole Simoes, M.A., 2006

Lab Coordinator, Pediatric Psychopharmacology, Massachusetts General

Evan Smith, M.S., May 2009

Nova Southeastern, PsyD program

Lindsay Stewart, M.A., 2005

Nova Southeastern, Doctor of Psychology

Juliana Vanderburg, M.S., 2017

AmeriCorps, Washington DC

Cristina Weeks, M.S., August 2004

Georgia State University, Ph.D. Program, School Psychology 

Gretchen Williams, M.A., 2006

Medical School, Osteopathic Medicine

Claire Yanta, M.S., May 2011

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top ⇑Program Graduates - Behavioral Health

Sam Allouche, M.S., May 2016

Enrichment Instructor, KIPP East Community Primary

Rebecca Ames, M.S., May 2015

Jillian DeRosas, M.S., May 2015

Admission Counselor, Tulane University

Chinwendu Duru, M.S., May 2017

Behavior specialist, New Orleans charter school

Gena Gelb, M.S., May 2017

Erica Golden, M.S., May 2016

MSW Fellowship Program, University of Michigan

Jesse Gomez, M.S., May 2016

In-Home Mental Health Practitioner

Leah Herrick, M.S., May 2016

Administrative Assistant, Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers

Kathryn Homan, M.S., May 2015

Forensic interviewer, NOLA Children's Advocacy Center

Caroline Jacka, M.S., December 2016

Network Development Representative, Vantage Health Plan

Brittney Jurgen, M.S., May 2015

Research Assistant, Boston Children's Hospital

Suzanne Kozikowski, M.S., May 2017

Margot Paul, M.S., May 2015

Senior Digital Public Health Research Associate, Washington DC

Caroline Quaid, M.S., May 2015

Planned examinations for Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Noelle Raymond, M.S., May 2017

Catherine Rochefort, M.S., May 2015

PhD Program, Clinical Psychology, Southern Methodist University

Brianna Truffa, M.S., May 2017

Mental health professional, Aspiring Behavioral Health Services in New Orleans

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