Graduate Masters Thesis Titles

top ⇑2019

Lauren DeBlanc

Director: Jeff Lockman
The development of infant self-touch in the first half-year after birth

Stephanie Moberg

Director: Courtney Baker
ABCs of ACEs: Adverse outcomes and buffers of adversity in preschool children

Elsia Obus

Director: Sarah Gray
Communicating with young children about police, arrest, and incarceration: Black mothers’ perspective

Freya Woods

Director: Janet Ruscher
"Calling out" or "Calling in": The Impact of Confronter Communication Style on Lay Perceptions of Confrontation Motivation and Outcomes

top ⇑2018

Nicholas Kerry

Director: Damian Murray
Does formidability influence moral and political attitudes?

Megan Saybe

Director: Courtney Baker
Examining the effects of classroom climate on aggression and victimization in low income, ethnically diverse preschoolers

Laura Perry

Director: Michael Hoerger
Development and validation of the palliative care preferences scale (PCPS)

Lea Petrovic

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Examining STS, burnout, and self-efficacy among teachers

Leah Walsh

Director: Michael Hoerger
End-of-life cancer care in the deep south: The role of race

Sydney Wing

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Cross-cultural analysis of elementary school children's values and perceptions of support systems: A secondary analysis of the promoting psychological well-being globally project

Ashlee Yates

Director: Mike Cunningham
Social networking site use, racial identity, racial socialization and the African American iGeneration: A glimpse into the future

Blair Youmans

Director: Jeff Lockman
Shapes within shapes: Relating negative space to positive space in object perception and fitting tasks

top ⇑2017

Justin Carreras

Director: Sarah Gray
Parental emotion regulation: Relations with sensitive and engaged parenting and psychological distress

Laura Cornell

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Administrative support of SEL: School staff perspectives on what is necessary for successful implementation

Chinwendu Duru

Director: Courtney Baker
Drinking to cope in college aged students: The relationship between negative affect, stress, avoidant coping, and alcohol and drug use

Emily Lewis

Director: Jeffrey Lockman
Dynamics of cup-to-mouth transport: Spatial planning in infants

Emma Lewis

Frequent family meals: Implications for the comorbidity of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and overweight/obesity in United States youth

Meagan Magaldi

Director: Laurie O'Brien
Pregnant on campus: The stigma of undergraduate pregnancy

Elizabeth McIntyre

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Teacher acceptability of trauma-informed approaches following professional development training

Lauren Ruelens

Director: Lisa Molix
Is African American the New Black? The Effects of Racial Ideology on Whites’ Differential Perceptions of Race Labels

Amanda Van Camp

Director: Laurie O'Brien
Understanding the consequences of incompetence on the visibility of ethnic minorities in STEM

Juliana Vanderburg

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Creating positive attitudes about trauma-Informed Schools: Examining the influence of a professional development training on teacher attitudes

top ⇑2016

Lisa Chinn

Director: Ed Golob
Dynamics of Cognitive Control and Midline Theta Activity Across Multiple Timescales

Nick Fears

Director: Jeff Lockman
The Development of Vision and Basic Reading Skills in Handwriting

Jessie Gomez

Director: Sarah Gray
Parental Insightfulness and Parenting Behavior: A Two-Dimensional Analysis of Parent Contributions to Child Outcomes

Leah Herrick

Director: Courtney Baker
The Effect of Maternal Depression and Maternal Parenting after Divorce on Low-Income Preschool Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Problems

Kathryn Simon

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Is knowledge enough? The relationship between student social emotional learning and behavioral and mental health outcomes

top ⇑2015

Emiliya Adelson

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Sexual Health and Psychological Well-Being of Unmarried Adolescent Females Living in an Urban Slum in India

Corey Black

Director: Courtney Baker
The Role of the Teacher-Child Relationship in the Socioemotional Outcomes of Ethnically Diverse and Low Income Children in Daycare Settings

Veronica Coriano

Director: Courtney Baker
Cultural Adaptation in Mental Health Programming: Are We Doing Enough to Promote Change

Brittney Jurgen

Co-director: Stacy Overstreet and Courtney Baker
Predictors of metabolic control in youth with type 1 diabetes: examining racial disparities in the relationship between depressive symptoms and adherence

Samia Lalani

Director: Joseph Constans
Sex differences in the role of criminal behaviour in predicting violent injury

Xzania (White) Lee

Director: Michael Cunningham
Academic achievement, substance use, and the importance of valuing school in African American adolescents

Aaron Moss

Director: Laurie O'Brien
Does motivated reasoning help people maintain an unprejudiced self-image?

Jennifer Rious

Director: Michael Cunningham
Altruistic prosocial behavior as a protective factor for African American adolescents exposed to community violence

Catherine Rochefort

Director: Michael Hoerger
Personality, health behaviors, and physical health in non-clinical and oncology samples

top ⇑2014

Michael Brachfeld

Director: Oscar Barbarin
The relationship between parents' personal mastery, depressive symptoms and children's behavior

Heather Henderson

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Using mental health self reports to identify African American students at risk for school dropout

Idan Mark

Director: Oscar Barbarin
Early vs late entry into school: The effect of maturation versus early exposure on mathematic skills and executive function in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten

Zainab Siddiqui

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
A qualitative study of stress perception and reactions to stress in urban African American children and adolescents

Meredith Summerville

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
The ecomap as a measure of psychological well-being: Results from primary school children identified as at-risk for psychological distress

Melza van Roijen

Director: Jill Daniel
Influence of estradiol on the ability of IGF-I to impact hippocampal-dependent memory and hippocampal synaptic proteins

Jorge Verlenden

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Using ecomaps to assess social emotional functioning in school-based universal screening

top ⇑2013

Michael Girgis

Director: Ed Golob
Motion perception: A closer examination of velocity's effect on representational momentum

Trenesha Hill

Director: Enrique Varela
Weak central coherence and social skills in children with autism spectrum disorders: The role of anxiety and cognitive functioning

Kathryn Jones

Director: Enrique Varela
The role of negative emotions and cultural acceptability in explaining somatic symptoms in Latino and White non-Latino children

Brooke Rappaport

Director: Lisa Molix
Ambivalent sexism and psychological well-being: Examining the role of stigma consciousness

Lily Rabinow

Director: Jeff Lockman
Infants' use of spoons with floppy and rigid handles

Alexandra Roselli

Director: Laurie O'Brien
Predictors of long-term mental health outcomes among Hurricane Katrina survivors

Caroline Tipler

Director: Janet Ruscher
Kittens and cougars: The effect of distinct dehumanizing metaphors for women on perception and behavior

top ⇑2012

Kevin Barry

Director: Mike Cunningham
Antisocial behavior in the urban context: The effects of family, peers, and hypermasculine attitudes on high achieving Black male adolescents

Daniel Bayless

Director: Jill Daniel
Sex differences in impulsive choice in prepubescent and adult rats: Role of neonatal testosterone exposure

Patrick Bell

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
A qualitative approach to emic-etic modeling of psychological well-being for use in designing school programs

Amanda Borja

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Phenomenology of education stakeholders about teacher competencies in New Orleans and Sri Lanka: Implications for teacher well-being

Jeff Brown

Director: Oscar Barbarin
Explaining trajectories of emotional functioning in Black boys from kindergarten through the 5th grade

Christopher Burchett

Director: Laurie O'Brien
Attributions to Discrimination at the Intersection of Race and Gender

Meaghan Crawley

Director: Paul Colombo
Response learning increases histone acetylation and is enhanced by histone deacetylase inhibition

Jennifer Maldarelli

Director: Jeff Lockman
The development of early handwriting: An eye movement analysis

Laura Marques

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Exploring the relationship between hurricane exposure and child emotional and behavioral functioning two years post-Katrina

Dustin Mars

Director: Laurie O'Brien
Consequences for learning about American history: How learning about historical trauma might not be equal for everyone

Shereen Naser

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Evaluating the effects of substance use on posttraumatic stress symptoms in a community sample of female adolescents following Hurricane Katrina

Lauren Peterson

Director: Enrique Varela
Childhood anxiety and the effects of children's appraisals of parental control in Latin American and European American cultures

Kristin Scott

Director: Oscar Barbarin
From higher-order thinking to higher-order behavior:  Exploring the relationship between early cognitive skills & social competence in Black boys

Stefanie Simon

Director: Laurie O'Brien
Confronting sexism: Exploring the effect of nonsexist credentials on responses to confrontations

Allysin Swift

Director: Bonnie Nastasi
Parental stress and socialization practices of black parents: Qualitative research and analyses to inform interventions

Tara Van Bommel

Director: Janet Ruscher
Looking up and thinking positive: The effect of embodied metaphors on ageist attitudes

top ⇑2011

Berre Burch

Director: Stacy Overstreet
The Synergistic Effects of Violence in Multiple Contexts in Predicting Mental Health Outcomes

Max Daigh

Director: Lisa Molix
Parental Reactions to Sexual Minority Disclosure: Examining the role of social dominance orientation

Gordon Franke

Director: Dave Corey
Delayed Auditory Feedback Impacts on Speech: Evidence for Sensory Feedback Control of Movement

Wendy Jung

Director: Jeff Lockman
Development of Motor Planning in a Fitting Task in Toddlers

Jackleen Leed

Director: Jeff Lockman
Perception-Action Foundations of Early Graphic Instrument Exploration

Laura Niditch

Director: Enrique Varela
The Relation between Perceived Controlling Parenting and Anxiety in Youth: Effects of Self-Efficacy and Metacognition

Alexandra Sims

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Posttraumatic Stress and Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents following Hurricane Katrina

Claire Yanta

Director: Jeff Lockman
Planning and Orienting Handled Objects During Tool Use

top ⇑2010

Balachandar Kathirvelu

Director: Paul Colombo
Learning-induced Changes in CREB Phosphorylation During Memory Formation: Evidence for Interaction Bbetween the Hippocampus and Dorsal Striatum

Qi Li

Director: Jeff Lockman
Infant Object Exploration of Different Handles

Sara Redahan

Director: Jeff Lockman
Planning Strategies and Orienting Objects During Tool Use

Christine Sassane

Director: Janet Ruscher
Community Coping After Hurricane Katrina: The Effects of Mental Health and Vicarious Traumatization on the Construction of Personal Trauma Narratives

top ⇑2009

Alyssa Boasso

Director: Janet Ruscher
Mechanisms Influencing Reactions to Bereaved Individuals: The Relations Among Social Attraction, Perseveration, Mood and Expected Grief Duration

Kelly Holmes

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Cortisol Dysregulation in Youth With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

John Holmes

Director: Ed Golob
Title: The Effect of Spatial Attention on Event-Related Potentials: A Study of Auditory Objects and Spatial Localization

Rosa Maria Mulser

Director: Michael Cunningham
The Roles of Racial Identity, Race-Related Stressors, and Academic Achievement in Rural African-American Adolescents

Jill West

Director: Stacy Overstreet
Hurricane Katrina and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The Moderating Roles of Social Support and Age

top ⇑2008

Kate Autin Yurgil

Director: Edward Golob
Neural Activity Associated with Conscious Perception: EEG and ERP Fluctuations Before and After a Dichotic Stimulus

Heather Brandt

Director: Denise Newman
Blurring The Signal: The Impact of Parental Distress on the Congruence of Parent and Adolescent Report of Internalizing Symptoms

Elizabeth Carey

Director: Lisa Szechter
Encouraging Young Scientists: Parent-Child Interactions at an Informal Science Education Center

Charles Corprew

Director: Michael Cunningham
Personal and Social Factors Associated with Academic Outcomes in African American Adolescent Males

Lauren Hitt

Director: Enrique Varela
Fears in Hispanic Youth

Kyle Hucke

Director: Michael Cunningham
Sports as a Buffering Variable on the Relationship Between Negative Youth Experiences and Bravado Attitudes in Male African American Adolescents

Bjorn Alexander Kahrs

Director: Jeffrey Lockman
Trial Based Learning of a Manual Task

Jennifer Kuhn

Director: Stacy Overstreet
The Relations Among Coping Self-Efficacy, Exposure to Hurricane Katrina, and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in African American Youth

Kathryn Moore

Director Enrique Varela
Moderators in the Relationship Between Exposure to Hurricane Katrina and Long-term Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

Shaefali Pillai Rodgers

Director: Paul Colombo
Memory System-Specificity in The Molecular Mechanisms of Spatial Learning

Angelique Trask-Tate

Director: Michael Cunningham
Planning Ahead: Examining the Relations Between School Support and Parental Involvement in the Development of Future Academic Expectations in Resilient African American Adolescents

top ⇑2007

Lee Ann Carnes

Director: Jeff Lockman

Bernice Kaufman

Director: Dave Corey
An ERP Study of the Stroop Task and Emotional Stroop Task

Laura Manning

Director: Edward Golob
A Neurophysiological Perspective on Speech and Music Perception

top ⇑ 2006

Jeffrey Beyers

Director: Professor Wallace
On the Nature of Situational Judgment Tests: A Meta-Analysis of Constructs Assessed and Criterion Validities of SJT's

Michael Christian

Director: Professor Edwards
Conscientiousness and Regulatory Focus: Narrowing the Bandwidth to Predict Escalation of Commitment in the Face of Failure

Samantha Francois

Director: Professor Cunningham
Where We Live: How Perceived Social Support Moderates the Relationship Between Neighborhood Contexts and Academic Functioning for African American Adolescents

Lauren Hensley

Director: Professor Varela
Pediatric Somatization and Anxiety Sensitivity Following Hurricane Katrina

Faye Kim

Director: Professor Wilson
Increasing Social Interation in High Functioning Kindergarteners With Autism Spectrum Disorder Through the Use of Reinforcement, Pivotal Response Training, and Self-Monitoring with Countoons

Lucinda Lang

Director: Professor Cunningham
Perceived Social Support and Ego Resiliency in African American Adolescent Females

Timothy Luis

Director: Professor Varela
Parenting Practices and Childhood Anxiety Reporting: A Comparison of Mexican, Mexican American and Europeon American Familities

Amanda Shull

Director: Professor Wallace
Emotional Labor Questionnaire: Scale Development and Validation

Flannery Stevens

Director: Professor Edwards
What's Your MOTIF? A Framework Measuring Orientations of Cross-Race Feedback Giving

Kristin Walker

Director: Professor Ruscher
Virtual Jigsaw Classroom: A Modern Application of a Classic Method

Danielle (Annie) Weiss

Director: Professor Newman
Longitudinal Contribution of Effortful Control for School Readiness Director: Professor Newman

top ⇑2005

Yamile Molina

Director: Professor Christenson
Copulatory Plugs in the Cobweb Spider Nesticodesrufipes

Rebecca Salvato

Director: Professor Newman
Anxious Expectations, Identity, and Rejection Sensitivity in American Indian Youth

top ⇑2004

Jonathan Becker

Director: Professor Cunningham
Understanding the Role of Future Expectations in Low-Resource, High-Achieving African American Students

Sophia Belay

Director: Professor Cunningham
The Function of Protective Factors in Urban African American Adolescent Females

Samantha Morrison

Director: Professor Overstreet
Exploring the Relation Between Exposure to Community Violence and Peer Rejection: The Role of Gender Specific Mechanisms

Samantha B. Siegel

Director: Professor Lockman
Topological Landmark Use in Children

Christopher R. Warren

Director: Professor Thoresen
Ego Depletion and Disinhibition: Situational and Individual Difference Effects on Self-Regulation

Cristina M. Weeks

Director: Professor Overstreet
The Effects of the School Domain on the Expression of Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology in Children Exposed to Community Violence

top ⇑2003

Jill C. Bradley

Director: Professor Landis
Homogeneity of Personality Types Within Occupations and Organizations: Another Look at Schneider's Attrition-Selection-Attrition Model

Michael Franklin

Director: Professor Dien
An Event-Related Potential Study of Automatic, Expectancy-Based, and Post-Lexical Processes in Semantic Priming

Seth Kaplan

Director: Professor Thoresen
Self-Concordance as a Mediator Between Goal Orientation and Worker Well-Being: Testing a Theoretical Model

Megan McFarland

Director: Professor Cunningham
Determinants of Future Expectations and Learning Responsibility in African American Adolescents

Devi Miron

Director: Professor Moely
The Impact of Service Learning on Community Agencies

Issac Perkins

Director: Professor Cunningham
The Relation of Negative Events and Depressive Symptoms as a Function of Protective Factor

Eden-Reneé Pruitt

Director: Professor Ruscher
Manifestation of the Linguistic Intergroup Bias Under the Motivation to Control Prejudice

Alexa Walthall

Director: Professor Lockman
Topological Landmark Use by Children

Mike J. Zyphur

Director: Professor Landis
The Effects of Prior Self-Regulation on Ability to Respond To Feedback: An Empirical Investigation

top ⇑2002

Lisle Hites

Director: Professor Landis
Training Non-Traditional Rating Sources for Improved Interrater Agreement And Accuracy

Deborah L. Kruglak

Director: Professor McGrath
Stress, Coping, Depression and Smoking During the Transition to College

Christy L. McLendon

Director: Professor Ruscher
The Effects of Stereotype Threat and Evaluator Sexism on Women's Performance in Male-type Work Domains

Brian Mackey

Director: Professor Wilson
The Effects of Simultaneous Presentation of Audio-Recorded and Written Examinations on the Test Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities

top ⇑2001

Katherine Bevans

Director: Professor Overstreet
The Family Environment as a Moderator of the Effects of Exposure to Community Violence on Child Symptomatology

Arleen Cerbone

Director: Professor Dien
Effects of Personality Differences on Attentional Tasks

Yael Efreom

Director: Professor Overstreet
Aggressive Behavior and Exposure to Community Violence: Exploring the Roles of Emotional Numbing and Gender

Dana Foney

Director: Professor Cunningham
Characteristics and Predictors of Antisocial Fighting Behavior in African American Youth

DeMarquis Hayes

Director: Professor Cunningham
Family and School Microsystems: Influences on Academic Achievement in African American Adolescents

Christopher Linn

Director: Professor Christenson
The Ability of Male Spiders to Travel to Female Webs: Implications for Sexual Size Dimorphism

Sterett Mercer

Director: Professor Cunningham
Racial Identity in White American College Students: Issues of Conceptualization and Measurement

Amy Rozelle

Director: Professor Landis
Relationships Between Recruitment Sources and Student Attitudes: The Impact of Using the Internet as a Recruitment Source

Alecia M. Santuzzi

Director: Professor Ruscher
Stigma Salience and Paranoid Social Cognition: The Role of Stigma Disclosure and Self-Consciousness in the Inferences and Task Performance of the Stigmatized Target

Kristin Smith-Crowe

Director: Professor Burke
Organizational Climate as a Moderator of the Relationships Between Proceduralization of Knowledge and Safety Performance

Leslie K. Sutro

Director: Professor Lockman

top ⇑ 2000

Germaine Allison

Director: Professor McGrath
Parent And Friend Influences On College Student Alcohol Use

Adam Barsky

Director: Professor Landis
Toward an Understanding of the Feedback-Performance Relationship: A Theoretical Extension and Empirical Test of The Feedback Intervention Theory

Elizabeth A. Deitch

Directors: Professors Arthur P. Brief and Janet B. Ruscher
Dressing For Successful Fit: Selection Decisions As A Function Of Job Type, Applicant Clothing, And Evaluator Prejudice.

Chanda Domingue

Director: Professor Cunningham
The Process of Academic Achievement Among African American Second Graders: Testing a Mediational Model

top ⇑1999

Catherine C. Maraist

Directors: Professors Arthur P. Brief and Michael J. Burke
Work Context and Personal Antecedents of Work-Family Conflict: A Meta-Analysis

Kimberly J. O'Farrell

Director: Professor Janet B. Ruscher
Close Friendship and Information Processing In Response To Overhearing Self-Relevant Information

top ⇑1998

Sylvia Cochran

Director: Professor Stacy Overstreet
Cognitive and Achievement Profiles of Puerto Rican Children With Diabetes

Jennifer Kaufman

Director: Professor Paul E. Tesluk
Collectivistic Orientation and Organizational Cynicism As Moderators Of The Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Support And Citizenship Behaviors

top ⇑1997

Anh Thu Burks

Director: Professor Janet B. Ruscher
Persuasiveness Of Proattitudinal and Counterattitudinal Messages: Message Relevance And Speaker Group Membership

David M. Corey

Director: Professors Steven B. Flynn and William P. Dunlap
Perception Of Event Properties In Point-Light Displays: Is Form Perception Required?

Jill Daniel

Director: Professor Gary P. Dohanich
The Effects Of Estrogen and Environment of Radial Maze Performance of Female Rats

Aric J. Fader

Director: Professor Gary P. Dohanich
Estrogen Prevention of The Manestic Effect of Muscarinic Receptor Blocker Applied Directly To The Hippocampus

Christine Mangus

Director: Professor Barbara E. Moely
Relations Among Strategy Use, Attributional Style, and Academic Achievement in High School Students

William Robinson

Director: Professor William P. Dunlap
A New Approximation for Analysis of Covariance When Within Groups Variances Are Not Equal

Katherine Robison

Director: Professor Barbara E. Moely
The Effects of Mastery-Oriented Program of Instruction on the Motivational Beliefs of High School Students

Barry Row

Director: Professor Arnold Gerall
The Effect of Aging on Forebrain Responses to Social Isolation and Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Administration

top ⇑1996

Daniel Beal

Director: Professor Edgar C. O'Neal
Covert and Overt Aggression as a Function of Modern Racism

Sherry B. Schnake

Director: Professor Janet B. Ruscher
Nonverbal and Linguistic Indicators of Prejudice in Communication: The Effects of Anticipated Audience and Modern Racism

Joel B. Vaslow

Director: Professor Arthur P. Brief
Romancing the Charismatic Leader

Margaret A. Vaslow

Director: Professor Barbara E. Moely
Influences on Academic Achievement: Goal Orientation, Strategy Use, and Self-Regulation in High School Students

Melissa G. Venezia

Director: Professor Barbara E. Moely
Conceptions of Individual Rights Survey of a College Sample

Zhinuan Yu

Director: Professor Clarissa S. Holmes
Stressors and Their Moderators as Related to Behavior Problems in Children with Diabetes

top ⇑1995

Kim R. Cassell

Director: Professor Barbara E. Moely
Motivational Beliefs and Children's Achievement

Bin Dai

Director: Professor Jeffrey J. Lockman
The Effects of Landmark – Target Distance on Infant Localization

Heather K. Davison

Director: Professor Michael J. Burke
A Meta-Analysis of Sex Discrimination In Simulated Selection Contexts

Melissa Deichmann

Director: Professor Clarissa S. Holmes
Speed of Responding and Visuomotor Performance in Children with Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus

Kristin Kirby

Director: Professor Barbara E. Moely
Influences on Academic Achievement: Goal Orientation, Strategy Use, and Self-Regulation in University Students

Deedrah M. Respess

Director: Professor Clarissa S. Holmes
Scoring Adaptions of The Child Behavior Checklist for Children with Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus

Mary M. Wall

Director: Professor Terry Christenson
Proximate Factors Limiting Multiple Insemination in Male Nephila Clavipes Spiders

top ⇑1994

Laura L. Duval

Director: Professor Janet B. Ruscher
Gender Based Inference on Others' Knowledge: Excessive Linguistic Detail as Subtle Sexism

Karen S. Galambos

Director: Professor Robert Folger
The Effect of Information Presentation on Wage Determination

Sonja D. Nelson

Director: Professor Jeffrey J. Lockman
Children's Perception of the Writability of Surfaces as They Relate To Writing Tool

Robin M. Reizenstein

Director: Professor Arthur P. Brief
When Racial Discrimination is Part of The Job Individual Differences Don't Matter

Jennifer P. Tonglet

Director: Professor Barbara E. Moely
The Influence of Monitoring On Mathematics Test Performance and Achievement in Middle School Children

Volkan Topalli

Director: Professor Edgar C. O'Neal
The Influence of Retaliatory Motivation on Attribution of Hostile Intent

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