Julie MarkantJulie Markant, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ph.D.,2010, University of Minnesota

Phone: 504-862-3367
Website: Lab Page

3039 Percival Stern Hall 

Research Interests

Infant learning, selective attention, neuroscience. Dr. Markant is currently accepting graduate students.

Selected Publications

Markant, J. & Scott, L.S. (2018). Attention and perceptual learning interact in the development of the other-race effect.Current Directions in Psychological Science,doi; 10.1177/0963721418769884

Markant, J., Worden, M.S., & Amso, D. (2015). Not all attention orienting is created equal: Recognition memory is enhanced when attention orienting involves distractor suppression. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. 120, 28 -40. doi: 10.1016/j.nlm.2015.02.006

Markant, J. & Amso, D. (2014). Leveling the playing field: Attention mitigates the effects of individual variability in intelligence. Cognition, 131(2), 195-204. doi: 10.1016/j.cognition.2014.01.006

Markant, J. & Amso, D. (2013). Selective memories: Infants’ encoding is enhanced in selection via suppression. Developmental Science, 16(6), 926-940. doi: 10.1111/desc.12084

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