molixLisa Molix, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Ph.D., 2007, University of Missouri

Phone: (504) 314-7549

PhD Program:Psychological Science: Social Psychology

3070 Percival Stern Hall

Research Interests

Dr. Molix's interests lie with intergroup relations, health and well-being among marginalized populations, and the intersections among these areas.

Selected Publications

Doyle, D. & Molix, L. (in press). Perceived discrimination and well-being in gay men: The protective role of behavioral identification. Psychology and Sexuality.

Talley, A., Kocum, L., Schlegel, R., Molix, L., & Bettencourt, B.A. (2012). Social roles, basic need satisfaction, and psychological health: The central role of competence. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 155-173.

Schlegel, R., Manning, M., Molix, L., Talley, A., & Bettencourt, B.A. (2011). Predictors of depressive symptoms among breast cancer patients during the first year post prognosis. Psychology and Health, 1-17

Bettencourt, B. A., Molix, L., Talley, A., & Eubanks, J. (2007). Beneficial outcomes for minority and majority members: cross-cut role assignments within cooperative group settings. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 43, 553-564

Bettencourt, B. A., Molix, L., Talley, A., & Sheldon, K. (2006). Psychological need satisfaction in social groups: Social roles as mechanisms for well-being. In T. Postmes and J. Jetten (Eds.) Individuality and the group: Advances in social identity. (pp. 196-214).

Bettencourt, B. A., & Molix, L. (2003). Satisfaction with health care and community esteem among rural women. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 3, 1-14.

Dr. Molix's Courses

  • Social Psychology (Honors) – Psyc3430H
  • Social Psychology – Psyc3430
  • Intergroup Relations - Psyc7170
  • Structural Equation Modeling – Psyc7450

Department of Psychology • 2007 Percival Stern Hall • New Orleans, LA 70118 • Phone: 504-865-5331 •