ltobrien Laurie O’Brien, Ph.D.
associate Professor

Ph.D., 2002, University of Kansas
Curriculum Vitae 

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PhD Program:Psychological Science: Social Psychology

3013 Percival Stern Hall

Research Interests

Prejudice and stigma from the perspective of both targets and perpetrators. Research encompasses topics such as stereotype threat, status legitimizing ideologies, and perceptions of prejudice and discrimination.

Selected Publications

Blodorn, A., O’Brien, L.T., Cheryan, S., & Vick, S.B. (2016). Perceptions of racism in Katrina-related events: Understanding racial differences in perceptions of racism. Social Justice Research, 29, 139-158.

O’Brien, L.T., Garcia, D.M., Adams, G., Villalobos, J.G., Hammer, E., & Gilbert, P. (2015). The threat of sexism in a STEM educational setting: Moderating impacts of ethnicity and legitimacy beliefs. Social Psychology of Education, 18, 667-684.

Simon, S. & O’Brien, L.T. (2015). Confronting sexism: Exploring the effect of nonsexist credentials on the costs of target confrontations. Sex Roles, 73, 245-257.

O’Brien, L.T., Blodorn, A., Adams, G., Garcia, D. & Hammer, E. (2015). Ethnic variation in gender-STEM stereotypes and STEM participation: An intersectional approach. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 21, 169-180.

Gilbert, P.N., O’Brien, L.T., Garcia, D.M., & Marx, D. (2015). Not the sum of its parts: Decomposing implicit academic stereotypes to understand academic outcomes for men and women. Sex Roles, 72, 25 – 39.

Blodorn, A., & O’Brien, L.T. (2013). Evaluations of White American versus Black American discrimination claimants’ political views and prejudicial attitudes. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49, 211-216.

Simon, S., Kinias, Z. O’Brien, L.T., Major, B.N., & Bivolaru, E. (2013). Prototypes of discrimination: How status asymmetry and stereotype asymmetry affect judgments of racial discrimination. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 35, 525-533.

Blodorn, A., O’Brien, L.T., & Kordys, J. (2012). Responding to sex-based discrimination: Gender differences in perceived discrimination and implications for legal decision making. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 15, 409-424.

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O’Brien, L.T., Major, B., & Simon, S. (2012). Why did you choose him over me? Outgroup favoritism and attributions to discrimination. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48, 1225-1233.

Blodorn, A., & O'Brien, L.T., & (2011). Perceptions of racism in Hurricane Katrina-related events: Implications for collective guilt and mental health among White Americans. Analysis of Social Issues and Public Policy, 11 127-140.

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O'Brien, L. T., & Hummert, M. L. (2006). Self-stereotyping, stereotyping threat, and memory performance in middle-aged adults. Social Cognition, 24, 338-358.

O’Brien, L.T., & Major, B.N. (2005). System justifying beliefs and psychological well-being: The roles of group status and identity. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 31, 1718-1729.

O’Brien, L.T., & Crandall, C.S. (2005). Perceiving self-interest: Power, ideology, and maintenance of the status quo. Social Justice Research, 18, 1-24.

*Winner of 2005 Morton Deutsch Award of the International Society of Justice Research.

Major, B. N., & O’Brien, L. T. (2005). The social psychology of stigma. Annual Review of Psychology, 56, 393-421.

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Dr. O'Brien's Courses

  • Introduction to Social Psychology – PSYC 343
  • Social Stigma – PSYC 662
  • Social Psychology – PSYC 700

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