weeBeth E. F. Wee, Ph.D.
Professor of Practice

Ph.D., 1986, Michigan State University
Associate Dean: Undergraduate Programs, School of Science and Engineering
Co-Director: Undergraduate and Master's Programs in Neuroscience

Phone: (504) 314-7548
Website: Beth Wee's Home Page

3029 Percival Stern Hall

Research Interests

Dr. Wee is a neuroscientist whose research interests include biological rhythms (seasonal and circadian), neuroendocrinology, reproduction, learning and memory, and animal behavior.

Selected Publications

Wee, B. E. F. Biological Rhythms and Sleep. (2000). In Motivation: A biosocial and cognitive integration of motivation and emotion. E. D. Ferguson (Ed.), Oxford University Press, New York.

Hurley, D. L., Wee, B. E. F., & Phelps, C. J. (1998). Growth hormone releasing hormone expression during postnatal development in growth hormone-deficient Ames dwarf mice: mRNA in situ hybridization. Neuroendocrinology.

Wee, B. E. F., & Turek, F. W. (1989). Carbachol phase shifts the circadian rhythm of locomotor activity in the Djungarian hamster. Brain Research, 505, 209-214.

Dr. Wee's Courses

  • Brain and Behavior – PSYC 330 / NSCI 330
  • Behavioral Neuroendocrinology – PSYC655 / NSCI655
  • Methods in Neuroscience – NSCI 600/601

Department of Psychology • 2007 Percival Stern Hall • New Orleans, LA 70118 • Phone: 504-865-5331 •