WeeBeth E. F. Wee, Ph.D.
Professor of Practice

Ph.D., 1986, Michigan State University
Associate Dean: Undergraduate Programs, School of Science and Engineering
Director: Undergraduate and Master's Programs in Neuroscience

Phone: (504) 314-7548
Website: Beth Wee's Home Page

3029 Percival Stern Hall

Research Interests

Dr. Wee is a neuroscientist whose research interests include biological rhythms (seasonal and circadian), neuroendocrinology, reproduction, learning and memory, and animal behavior.

Selected Publications

Wee, B. E. F. and others (2016). In Memoriam: Lynwood G. Clemens, Ph.D Hormones and Behavior, 84, 159-166.
Wee, B. E. and Dohanich, G.P. (2010). Creativity and risk taking in behavioral endocrinology.  Hormones and Behavior, 57, 379-380.

Wee, B. E. F. Biological Rhythms and Sleep. (2000). In Motivation: A biosocial and cognitive integration of motivation and emotion. E. D. Ferguson (Ed.), Oxford University Press, New York.

Hurley, D. L., Wee, B. E. F., & Phelps, C. J. (1998). Growth hormone releasing hormone expression during postnatal development in growth hormone-deficient Ames dwarf mice: mRNA in situ hybridization. Neuroendocrinology.

Wee, B. E. F., & Turek, F. W. (1989). Carbachol phase shifts the circadian rhythm of locomotor activity in the Djungarian hamster. Brain Research, 505, 209-214.

Dr. Wee's Courses

  • Brain and Behavior – PSYC/NSCI 3330
  • Behavioral Endocrinology – PSYC/NSCI 4060/6060
  • Comparative Animal Behavior – PSYC 3680

Department of Psychology • 2007 Percival Stern Hall • New Orleans, LA 70118 • Phone: 504-865-5331 •