Colloquia 2010-2011

Fall 2010 Colloquia

September 10

Autism is a Foundation of Human Cognitive Diversity

Dr. Matthew Belmonte*National Brain Research Centre

Location: Stanley Thomas 101

September 17

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Early Brain Development in the Setting of Early Life Adversity

Dr. Stacy Drury*Tulane University

Location: LBC 213 – Kendall Cram

September 24

Integrating Data in a Comprehensive Response to Intervention Model

Dr. Gale NaquinExecutive Director Insight Educational Center

Location: Gibson 126-A

October 1

The Physiology of Volition

Dr. Mark Hallett*Chief, Human Motor Control Section, NINDS, NIH

Location: LBC 213 – Kendall Cram

October 22

The Changing Face of Racial Bias

Dr. Keith MaddoxTufts University

Location: LBC 212 – Qatar Ballroom

December 3

Emotion Regulation and Emotional Development: The Laboratory of Early Relationships

Dr. Ross ThompsonUniverstiy of California Davis

Location: Jones 108

*These talks are co-sponsored by the Tulane University Neuroscience Program

Spring 2011 Colloquia

March 18

Learning to Move

Karen AdolphNew York University

Location: DINWIDDIE – 103

March 25


Julie Price-SmithTulane University

Location: DINWIDDIE – 103

April 1

Delayed Auditory Feedback: Possible Evidence for Sensory Feedback Control of Speech

Gordon FrankeUniversity of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Location: LBC 202 – Rechler

April 1

The Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Sodium Butyrate Facilitates Long-Term Memory for a Striatum-Dependent Response Task

Meaghan CrawleyWofford College

Location: LBC 202 – Rechler

April 8

The Relationship Between Trait Anxiety, Spatial Memory, and Learning Strategy

Wayne HawleyIndiana State University

Location: LBC 202 – Rechler

April 8

Sex Differences in Anxiety, Learning Strategy, and the Cholinergic System in Early Life

Elin GrissomIndiana State University

Location: LBC 202 – Rechler

April 15

Exposing the Mechanisms Underlyingestrogenic Modulation of Memory: Implications for Hormone Therapy and Age-Related Memory Decline

Karyn FrickUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Location: DINWIDDIE – 103

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