Colloquia 2012–2013

September 28, 2012

Title: Rethinking Risk and Resilience

Stacy Drury, M.D., Ph.D.Department of psychiatry, tulane University

Location/Time: Boggs 122,  Noon

October 19, 2012

Title: Price Inferences for Sacred vs. Secular Goods: Changing the Price of Medicine Influences Perceived Health Risk

Janet Schwartz, Ph.D.School of business, tulane University

Location/Time: LBC 213-Kendall, Noon

November 2, 2012

Title: Standing Up for What's Right, Etc.: Exploring Multi-Metaphoric Effects

Kendall Eskine, Ph.D.,Loyola University

Location/Time: Boggs 122,  Noon

November 30, 2012

Title: Evidence and Considerations in the Prevention and Treatment of Anxiety among Hispanic/Latino Children  

Armando Piña, Ph.D.,arizona state University

Location/Time: LBC 212-Qatar, Noon

January 22, 2013

Title: The Impact of Emotion on Decision Making: Implication for Public Health  

Michael Hoerger, Ph.D.,Departments of psychiatry and oncology, university of rochester

Location/Time: Boggs 600, 3pm

March 01, 2013

Title: International Child Protection and Child Rights  

Dr. Kimberly Svevo-CianciChanging Children's Worlds Foundation (CCWF) & ICDP-USA; President, Child Rights and Protection Consultancy-International (CRPCI)

Location/Time: Boggs 239, Noon

March 15, 2013

Title: Anxiety & Substance Use Disorders: Identifying Underlying Mechanisms & Encouraging Behavioral Change  

Julia D. Buckner, Ph.D.,dept of psychology, louisiana state university

Location/Time: LBC 201-Race, Noon

March 22, 2013

Title: Evaluating Moderated Mediation Effects using SEM Analysis  

Christy CoreyUniversity of NEW ORLEANS

Location/Time: LBC 201-Race, Noon

April 05, 2013

Title: Delivery of a School-based Aggression Prevention Program: Myths and Non-myths  

John Lochman, Ph.D.,University of Alabama

Location/Time: LBC 201-Race, Noon

April 12, 2013

Title: Child Physical Abuse Prevention: A Public Health Approach  

Cathy Taylor, Ph.D.Tulane university school of public health and tropical medicine

Location/Time: LBC 201-Race, Noon


Title: Space for Diversity?  Social Identity, Use of Space, and Sense of Place at the Univeristy  

Sophie Trawalter, Ph.D.University of Virginia

Location/Time: LBC 202-Rechler, 4pm

April 19, 2013

Title: When Do the Stigmatized stigmatize? The Ironic Effects of Blacks' Versus Whites' Judgements of Minority Targets

Jenessa ShapiroDepartment of Psychology, ucla

Location/Time: Boggs 239, Noon

April 26, 2013

Title: The Stress & "Strength" Hypothesis: Advancing a Gender-Specific, Culturally-Responsive Explanation for Delays in Black Women's Preventive Care  

Angela Black, Ph.D.University of illinois, urbana-champaign

Location/Time: Caroline Richardson Bldg, Ana Many Lounge, Noon

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