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Get SMART with Summer Research Opportunity February 2, 2017

SMART Opportunity

The Tulane School of Science and Engineering is accepting applications for a summer undergraduate research opportunity on Tulane’s uptown campus. The Summer Materials Research at Tulane (SMART) program is a 10-week multidisciplinary research experience for undergraduates incorporating the departments of chemistry, biomedical engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering and physics and engineering physics.

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Tulane University Joins Major Initiative to Spur Manufacturing Advances June 22, 2016

Tulane University Joins Major Initiative to Spur Manufacturing Advances

Tulane University is joining forces with Texas A&M in one of five regional centers located across the United States as part of the $140 million Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) announced by the White House this week.

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Faculty Win Brings Opportunity for Students May 23, 2016

Julie Albert

It is considered the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious junior faculty award program, and this year, Tulane University assistant professor Julie Albert is in the CAREER award's class of 2016. Albert, the Robert and Gayle Longmire Early Career Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, is one of 160 recipients from 88 institutions across the United States

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Physics Student has a Resume Packed with Research May 18, 2016

Skyler Deckoff Jones

In August 2012, as a freshman from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Skylar Deckoff-Jones never expected to be a role model to those involved in the science and research departments at Tulane University. Later, Deckoff-Jones authored a publication that consists of his research on the nonlinear optical properties of ultrathin crystals. “The fact that I’ve contributed new knowledge to the scientific community is one of my proudest moments from my time at Tulane,” he says.

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Tulane Researchers Awarded Grant to Develop Smart Polymers September 19, 2014

Tulane researchers awarded grant to develop smart polymers

The National Science Foundation has awarded a group of 14 Louisiana and Mississippi researchers – including four from Tulane University – up to $6 million to develop tools that will help strengthen the regional workforce and broaden opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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Physics and Engineering Physics Summer Research Colloquium FALL 2014

Summer Research Colloquium

On Friday, August 29, the Physics and Engineering Physics Department held a Summer Research Colloquium to celebrate all of the exciting work going on in the department. The event featured twenty-seven researchers who presented their summer findings in the form of a talk or a poster. Research was presented from both on-campus and off-campus laboratories. Topics ranged from neutron science and many-body physics to new types of energy storage and high performance transistors. The colloquium was held in the LBC and had excellent attendance by students, staff, and faculty.

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Dedication Opens Flower Hall for Innovative Research December 12, 2012

Dedication opens Flower Hall for innovative research

A new era of scientific discovery is under way at Tulane University thanks to the opening of Donna and Paul Flower Hall for Research and Innovation. A dedication ceremony on Tuesday (December 11) commemorated the significance of this historic moment in science and engineering education at Tulane.

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Tulane Dedicates New Research Facility December 12, 2012

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Physics Professor Gets Top Materials Theory Award November 30, 2012

Physics professor gets top materials theory award

The Materials Research Society awarded Tulane professor John P. Perdew the Materials Theory Award for his “pioneering contributions to the fundamental development and nonempirical approximations in density functional theory” on Wednesday (Nov. 28) at the organization's fall meeting in Boston.

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The Pleasure of Discovery June 22, 2012

The Pleasure of Discovery

Are physicists like the rest of us? Recently, New Wave caught up with physics professor John Perdew to pose a few questions about his life and work. Last year, he was elected a member of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences. He is a leader in the development of density functional theory, which is now widely used in many fields to calculate fundamental properties of materials.

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Physicist Has Key to Greener Polymer Manufacturing April 16, 2012

Physicist Has Key to Greener Polymer Manufacturing

Tulane University physicist Wayne Reed says he wants to revolutionize the polymer manufacturing sector, an important component of the global economy. Through his patented technology, Reed and colleagues see a $100 billion opportunity in the $1.2 trillion polymer industry, and the key to helping this industry become greener and more efficient.

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When Science Becomes Art December 6, 2011

Science Becomes Art

When Tulane scientists take their research and use it to generate computer art, it makes quite a creative display. The images, some colorful, others with complex graphics, illustrate research from such fields as biology, physics, genetics and engineering.

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Perdew Chosen for Top Scientific Honor May 25, 2011

John Perdew

John Perdew, professor of physics in the Tulane School of Science and Engineering, is a newly elected member in the prestigious National Academy of Sciences.

Members of the academy, composed of about 2,000 distinguished scientists from all fields, advise the U.S. government on science policy.

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Art, Science and Math Converge in Show December 2, 2010


The waning light of November is slanting through the windows of Stanley Thomas Hall. Upstairs, on the fourth floor, amid the civilized sounds of quiet chitchat and the clinking of glassware, a genial convergence of science and art is getting under way.

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Physics Professor Is One of World’s Most Cited November 29, 2010


With nearly 70,000 citations referring to his work on density functional theory, Tulane physics professor John Perdew is among the world’s most-cited physicists — if not the most cited in the last 30 years.

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Stuck Up May 20, 2010


She's four years old, lives in a lab in the Boggs building and is among a family of reptiles inspiring development of a new reusable dry adhesive. She's a Tokay gecko named Nikki.

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Beauty In Numbers DECEMBER 8, 2009

computational art

Math, science and art join hands in a series of images produced by faculty, postdoctoral researchers and students in the Center for Computational Science at Tulane University. For the second year, the center held the "Computational Art Show," comprising graphic expressions of the work done by researchers.

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New Materials For Better Defense October 21, 2009


Zhiqiang Mao, a physics professor in the Tulane School of Science and Engineering, has received a $450,000 grant from the U. S. Department of Defense meant to enhance research and engineering capabilities in disciplines critical to national security.

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Promising Research is Career-Building September 3, 2009


Scott Grayson, an assistant professor of chemistry in the Tulane School of Science and Engineering, has received the National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award — a recognition of his contributions to student understanding of fundamental science, and of his talents as a teacher and researcher.

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Student Brainstorms With Nobel Laureates JUNE 23, 2009


Physics graduate student Peter Jacobson will join other young researchers to mingle with Nobel Laureates from around the world. (Photo by Sally Asher)

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Physicist Celebrated for Life’s Work MAY 4, 2009


John Perdew, professor of physics at Tulane for more than 30 years, is being honored for contributing to density-functional theory for better understanding of chemistry and physics. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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Professors Win Early Career Awards APRIL 2, 2009


National Science Foundation grants will allow assistant professors James Donahue, left, and W T. Godbey to establish their own laboratories at Tulane. Donahue is in chemistry and Godbey is in chemical and biomolecular engineering. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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The Building Block of Machines JANUARY 29, 2009


While microchips found in everyday electronics have gradually decreased in size until they are now smaller the point of a sharpened pencil, Tulane University scientists are making contributions to research that could one day produce semiconductors that are a million times smaller. In doing so, Alex Burin, an assistant professor of chemistry, and graduate assistant Gail Blaustein are delving into the electronic properties of DNA.

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New Lab for Promising Polymer Research APRIL 14, 2008


Physics professor Wayne Reed is founder and director of the new Tulane Center for Polymer Reaction Monitoring and Characterization in the School of Science and Engineering. (Photo by George Long)

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President's Award Recognizes Ashbaugh's Promise OCTOBER 9, 2007


His potential as a researcher brings Henry Ashbaugh the Tulane President's Early Career Development Award. He is assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

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Tulane Physics Prof Sees the Light January 9, 2007


Professor Fred Wietfeldt is a leader in the first lab observation of light-emitting neutron decay.

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