foster mom with pups

Why rederive? The purpose of rederivation is to provide mice with a specific pathogen free (SPF) status to researchers. Mice that harbor known pathogens are used to produce pre-implantation stage embryos which are washed, moved into the facility's barrier room and implanted into a SPF foster mother. The rederivation technique can produce SPF pups ready to move into your barrier facility in a minimum of 9 weeks. Rederivation can also be combined with IVF and/or cryopreservation at an additional charge. Please contact Ann Mullin if you are interested in rederivation services.

Investigators must supply the following items

  • Completed Service Request form
  • At least 2 males of the strain to be rederived
  • At least 6 (prefer 8) females
  • Current protocol number
  • IT form for facility charges

General timeline

  • Mice arrive (delivery arranged by facility)
  • Mating set up, eggs transferred to clean foster mother (investigator notified)
  • Foster mice give birth (investigator notified)
  • Tail tips given to investigator at 15-16 days
  • Pups are weaned at 21 days
  • Wild type pups are sent to RADIL for serology testing at 28 days
  • Serology results indicate clean health status, pups are released and placed on investigator protocol number
  • The entire process normally takes at least 9 weeks

Special notes

If the males provided fail to mate after 2 attempts, the investigator will be notified.

If the foster females fail to deliver live pups, the process will be repeated at no additional cost (other than the cost of more female egg donors, if needed). The investigator must inform the facility if the strain exhibits any severe defects or lethality, so that the pups can be properly monitored.

If the foster females fail to deliver pups of the proper genotype, the process will be repeated at no additional cost (other than the cost of more female egg donors, if needed) AFTER the investigator has done appropriate genetic testing on the 'dirty' animals to confirm their genotype.

If the investigator has not contacted the facility with the results of the genotype by weaning, all the pups will be transferred to the investigator's protocol number and account.

The arrival of mice from any non-approved vendor must be coordinated with the director of the Uptown Vivarium, Amy Pierce.

Please send an e-mail to Ann Mullin for information about cost. Outside investigators must be at an institution based in Louisiana.

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000