Recent Short Courses

"Chemistry and Properties of Polymeric Materials" - December 9-10, 1999

"Polymer Extrusion" - December 12, 2003

Recent TIMES-Sponsored Seminars

Prof. Hyuk Yu, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Prof. K. Matyjaszewski,  Carnegie Mellon University,  "Controlled Radical Polymerization." 

Prof. R. Advincula,  University of Houston.

Prof. P. Dubin,  Indiana University,  " Interactions of Electrically Charged Macromolecules."

Prof. J. Mewis,  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,  "Rheology of Filled Polymers."

Prof. C. Park,  University of Toronto, "Microcellular Foaming in Extrusion."

Prof. K. Thompson, Louisiana State University, "Modeling Multiscale Phenomena in Porous Media."

Prof. M. Linford,  Brigham Young University, "Simultaneous Functionalization ans Patterning of Silicon with Mocron and Nanometer Features."

Prof. D. Baird, Virginia Tech., “"The Use of Rheology to Characterize the Branching Structure of Sparsely Branched Polyethylenes."

Dr. M. Meador, NASA Glenn Research Center, "Use of Trapping of Exited State Organic Molecules in the Synthesis of Polymers and Sensor Materials."

Prof. Y. Xu, Fudan University, "Evolution of Nano-structure in Molten Polymer/Clay Nanocomposites."

Dr. M. Rinaudo,  CNRS  Grenoble, "From Associative Polymers to Stimuli Responsive Systems."

Prof. Anubhar Tripathi, Brown University, "Microfluidic Separation of Proteins in Semi-Dilute Polymer Solutions."

TIMES Outreach Activities

Louisiana Board of Regents "Speaking of Science" Program Participants

Brian S. Mitchell

Louis Stokes Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation (LAMP) Participants

Daniel De Kee

Vijay T. John

Yunfeng Lu

Brian S. Mitchell

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