Strategic Planning Accomplishments 2000 -- 2001

Initiative 1: People

  • Completed year 1 of the 5-yr. compensation program for faculty and staff
  • Significantly increased the number of endowed chairs and professorships
  • Enhanced professional development opportunities for staff through the Center for Workforce Effectiveness
  • Approved staff recognition & reward program; implementation in FY 02
  • Conducted staff satisfaction survey (46% response rate from FT staff); began to address areas of concern
  • Implemented same-sex domestic partnership benefits for faculty & staff
  • Compiled benchmark data for faculty/staff diversity study

Initiative 2: Education and Research

  • + 30.4% undergraduate applications
  • 1326 = avg. SAT score Fall 2001
  • Enrolling Fall 2001 students class rank: 62% in top 10%; 84% in top 25%
  • Named one of the "hottest schools" in the U.S. (Newsweek, August 2001); ranked among the top 50 universities, U.S. News & World Report
  • Completed SACS reaccredidation & NCAA recertification
  • Enhanced the undergraduate experience (e.g., 4/1 programs; service-learning opportunities, living/learning communities, more internship opportunities)
  • Completed Graduate School analysis
  • Awarded $2.9M in Wall Fund grants to 12 projects focused on Education, Research, the Undergraduate Experience, Research Infrastructure
  • Supported collaboration between the Health Sciences & Uptown, e.g. Public Health, Engineering, Neurosciences, Environmental Sciences
  • Strengthened existing & encouraged new strategic partnerships and alliances to promote education and research, technology transfer and economic development in Louisiana and the region:
    • Louisiana Gene Therapy Research Consortium (TUHSC, LSU Health Sciences Center, LSU Shreveport)
    • Neurosciences research (TU, University of Mississippi, UM Medical Center, Xavier University of Louisiana, LSUHC)
    • Infectious diseases research (SPHTM, Univ. of Mississippi, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, Xavier University)
    • Women's health (TU, Xavier University)
    • Teacher certification collaboration (TU, Loyola University New Orleans)
    • Web of Science Library consortium (TU, Univ. of New Orleans, Grambling University)
    • NEH Regional Humanities Center (TU, Amistad Research Center, Northern Illinois University, Univ. of Memphis, Northwestern State University, Univ. of Arkansas, Jackson State, Tuskegee, College of Charleston, Univ. of Southern Mississippi, LSU, Loyola, Univ. Of Cambridge, England, The Historic New Orleans Collection, Arts Council of New Orleans, WYES-TV, the Humanities Councils of 5 states + many others…)

Initiative 3: Community

  • Louisiana Bus Tour, Louisiana Focus, Louisiana Council
  • Implemented new alcohol policy & recommendations
  • Deepened community engagement (24,000 hours alone volunteered by 766 students in 51 classes with service learning component)
  • Started work on campus master plan
  • Doubled the space for University College at the New Orleans Centre
  • Relocated several Health Sciences Center offices to the Tidewater Building
  • Started renovation of Civil Engineering & the School of Architecture
  • Developed plans to renovate Howard-Tilton Memorial Library & the U.C.
  • Broke ground for Business School expansion
  • Purchased Uptown Square
  • Conducted focus groups to begin improving neighborhood relations
  • Completed university marketing & communication analysis
  • Redesigned and re-launched the Tulane website
  • Increased communication, e.g. "Tulane Talk"

Initiative 4. Resources and Leadership

  • Filled 6 key administration vacancies:
    • Lester Lefton, Sr. VP for Academic Affairs and Provost
    • Andy Heck, VP for Human Resources
    • Donna Murphy, Sr. Associate VP for Health Sciences Advancement
    • Larry Ponoroff, Dean, Law School
    • Ian Taylor, Dean, School of Medicine
    • Andrew Lackner, Director, Primate Center
  • Searches underway:
    • VP for Technology/CIO
    • Dean, SPHTM
  • Ended record-breaking 3rd year of capital campaign: raised $70M, including $5.25M for Annual Fund
  • Significantly increased the number of donors to the university
  • Acquired $4.72M in State funding for 8 chairs and 19 endowed professorships across the university
  • Created Information Technology Strategic Plan
  • $1.7M committed to install wireless technology on campus
  • Launched the Center for Library User Education (CLUE) in conjunction with the Innovative Learning Center (ILC)
  • Added 3 new members to the Tulane Board:
    • James J. Reiss, Jr.
    • Wilmer R. Bottoms
    • Robbert W. Vorhof



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