Strategic Action Plan

Approved by the University Senate November 1, 1999

Revised July 20, 2000


The priorities in this Action Plan were selected from the full array of initiatives and priorities in the ten-year strategic plan for immediate implementation. They were selected for two primary reasons. First, the items included below are critical to the achievement of our fundamental goals of enhancing academic quality and reputation and improving our financial position. And second, the steps in this action plan are ones that may reasonably be achieved within the bounds of our current and short-term resources. Implementation of the steps in this Action Plan will allow us to make demonstrable, measurable and concrete movement towards the positive achievement of our long-term goals for Tulane.

The items included below address institution-wide issues. The individual schools and colleges are encouraged to develop initiatives that support these institution-wide efforts as well as other initiatives that will help them realize the specific goals of their own strategic plans.

The following initiatives should be accomplished during the next 36-60 months. Our goal is to begin implementation as soon as possible. Where feasible, implementation will begin immediately. With other initiatives the creation of specific plans will be developed during the first 12 months and implementation will begin during the next 12 - 24 months, as described in the time frame for each initiative



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