Wall Fund Round 3 Awards

Approximately $850,000 was awarded in Spring 2002 to the following projects that supported Strategic Planning Initiatives in the areas of People, Community, and Resources and Leadership with university-wide, cross-school focus:

1. Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

This project sets aside $500,000 as matching funds for an endowment which will be used to fund early career awards for scientists and engineers. These awards will recognize and honor outstanding scientists and engineers, who, while early in their research careers, show exceptional potential for leadership at the frontiers of scientific knowledge. Proceeds from the endowment will be used to provide release time from teaching or clinical responsibilities of the award recipients, to permit these Junior Faculty time to concentrate on developing their research programs. This project is directly related to our strategic initiatives in the area of people, with strong potential for recognizing and rewarding the exemplary performance and efforts of rising young researchers, scholars, and teachers throughout the university, positively impacting their productivity, and leveraging revenue impact.

Award: $500,000 in matching funds to establish an endowment

Principal Investigators:
John Clements, Professor and Chair, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine
Gary McPherson, Associate Dean, LAS, and Professor, Chemistry
Prescott Deininger, Professor, Environmental Health, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and Associate Director, Tulane Cancer Center
Jiang He, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

2. Creation of a Technology Innovation Gap Fund

This initiative will offer an incredible incentive for faculty development and entrepreneurship. It will provide early-stage funding needed to answer essential questions about Tulane-generated intellectual property in order to support its further development. Limited amounts of "gap" funding will be made available to support proof-of-concept work, prototyping, or additional time-limited investigations which will yield useful results for the commercial feasibility of work under development. This project has the potential to strengthen the university's financial position by increasing revenues from technology transfer and licensing income.

Award: $300,000 over three years

Principal Investigators:
J. Cale Lennon, Senior Licensing Associate, Office of Technology Development
Peter Pintauro, Professor, Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering
John Pigott, Clinical Professor of Surgery, School of Medicine

3. Achieving Information Literacy: Freshman Writing and Staff Development

This is an initiative for developing a multimedia information literacy program for students and staff through the combined efforts of the Howard-Tilton Library's Center for Library User Education and Digital Services Department, the Innovative Learning Center, Department of English Freshman Writing Program, and the Center for Workforce Effectiveness. This project has potential to enhance the student experience here at Tulane, impact the Library's educational scope, and improve interaction and collaboration across the university.

Award: $52,550 over two years

Principal Investigators:
Jean-Paul Orgeron, Head, Center for Library User Education and, Librarian, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library
Kathrine Montgomery, Head, Digital Services, Librarian, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library



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