Roommates and communal living

Communication is key to a harmonious residence hall living experience. Residents receive their roommates’ contact information along with their assignment notice in July. Talking with roommates about how to arrange the room, how to decorate, and what items each person will bring is a good way to begin the conversation. Set ground rules about shared items and bills and discuss personal habits, sleeping schedules, study habits, musical tastes, guests, needs, wants and expectations. Honesty, consideration, mutual respect, discussion, compromise and understanding are crucial to learning to live together. If problems arise between roommates, residence hall staff members are available to help work through roommate problems and/or to resolve the matter through mediation and arbitration.


Tips on Roommate Relationships

Living with a roommate can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career. Whether you find a new hobby, learn a new skill, or become good friends, living with a roommate can be fun! However, living with someone also has its challenges. Conflict is a normal part of roommate relationships and it is important for these conflicts to be constructively addressed by everyone living in the room/apartment. Residence hall staff members are available to assist you with any conflict you experience with your roommates or suitemates. Below is a guide for students living in Tulane residence halls. This guide provides useful information that you can utilize in working through a conflict with your roommate. Try to utilize some of these skills in speaking with your roommate and if you need assistance in navigating your roommate relationship further, contact a residence hall staff member.

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