Faculty Programs

Housing and Residence Life offers a number of opportunities for residents and faculty to interact in the residence halls in meaningful ways. By bringing faculty and residents together, residents are empowered to form academic support systems, engage more deeply in their studies, and form lasting relationships with their community. Tulane offers the following faculty driven programs:

Faculty in Residence (FIR)

The Faculty in Residence is a tenured faculty member who lives on campus and serves as positive and visible leaders, teachers, and mentors to residents living in the residence halls. FIRs facilitate, promote, and encourage student intellectual, social, and cultural development, as well as provide assistance to students seeking academic support and guidance through programming, one on one relationship building, and the sharing of academic resources. FIRs work with our Residence Life staff to provide supportive environments where students can learn and develop. 

Residential Faculty Mentor (RFM)

Residential Faculty Mentors (RFM) are professors at Tulane who are partnered with first-year residence halls. The purpose of the RFM program is to foster an intellectual community within the residence halls, to encourage students to cross the boundaries between academic and student spaces, and to increase faculty-student engagement. By bringing faculty into the residence halls, we are offering co-curricular experiences for students that facilitate learning and holistic student growth through faculty “lobby hours,” community programming, and one on one relationship building.

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